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Prydon Gate Dev?
Hi All,
Long ago, there used to be a developer's site for Prydon Gate. I'm not sure if anyone still knows if it exists. It was full of information including the entire plot of the mod, detailed plans of each chapter/act/episode/quest, and specs for all the to-be-made features.
This was over a decade ago, and so I'm unaware if anyone who was involved in development at the time remembers this.


Not Sure 
But there's this:

And this link is dead even thru the wayback machine: 
Prydon Gate was originally created 15 years ago for QuakeDC (an unofficial Sega Dreamcast port created by an officially licensed studio using the official SDK). The first released demo is still available here.

The original author is Tyne (aka RenegadeC) , but after starting the mod he handed it to FrikaC, who became the main developer.

Post by Tyne on Sat Feb 02, 2002 10:15 pm

Good news.
I got a mapper named Scampie to help things along.
I've got town music, and an inventory/status screen in progress!
It's coming along very well...

Post by Tyne on Tue Mar 05, 2002 1:56 am

More news!
Frika joins the Quake RPG team! We've decided to recode some of it, it'll kick even more ass now.

Post by TheDumbAss on Sat Jul 05, 2003 4:08 am

Tyne also forgot to mention his involvement in the early stages of the development of Prydon Gate (back when it was simply called RPG) he did have some influence in all other stages of development too even after FrikaC took it over.
Move over Sherlock Holmes! Damn that's some detailed drilling you did there son. :) 
I doubt it was detective work. I suspect he was there.

Mankrip used to work on a DreamCast Quake engine of his own, if I recall.

/Had to Google up to see what a DreamCast was. I figured it was a Sony something, nope a Sega console. I had the "S" right. 
Is RenegadeC Still Around? 
I see his name on #qc but he's never on 
Baker: Exactly.

Ruin: He shows up very rarely at DCEmulation, and nowhere else it seems.

Post by Tyne on Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:07 am

Mostly on IRC, I used to frequent #terrafusion but scampie permabanned me and I haven't cared to go back there.
I Was Linked Here 
Hi, RennyC here. I'm fairly easy to find, I visit DCEmu every so often to check on things but if you wish to contact me the easiest way is Steam since I'm always on it.

Everything mankrip said is correct by the way.

FrikaC is quite a bit harder to get in touch with these days but I can make an effort to see if he has the documentation. I also used to have it but no longer. 
Hey Renny ;) 
Yes, if you could get a hold of Frik, that would be great! I'm sure he has the dev page saved somewhere. I will try to contact you on steam as well. 
FrikaC is somewhat active here and in Twitter. He doesn't seem to be active at InsideQC, but I guess he still visits the site from time to time (IIRC he's one of the admins). 
Please continue making Prydon Gate. It seems like a great mod. 
@FPS Gaming Fanatic X 
Remarkably Such High Quality Content 
and still not implemented in any mod.

A Theme For Quake Modding Pre 2018 
There's a lot of lost material that just doesn't get used or is forgotten.

Also hasn't Chillo mostly been doing voxel models for Blood? That Coagulated mod? 
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