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Quake Streams & Channels
Post links to your Quake Twitch stream or YouTube channel here. Or recommend one!
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Jcr Is On Fire 
Ultra Wide Screen! Keep it up! 
How would you guys feel about an introductory video to ease new players into quake modding?
I did that exact same thing for Doom, It was a fairly simple video giving a quick rundown on how to run Doom in modern systems and its different sourceports, followed by a showcase of different mods and mapsets as suggestions for new players to dig in.
I could post it if anyone is interested but since its not Quake I'm erring on the side of caution.

Now I was toying with the idea of doing a Quake video, but Im not as learned when it comes to Quake modding and Im not all that familiar with the community, so I tough maybe this would be a good place to start.
I am familiar with the original and its expansions, and I've been replaying Arcane Dimensions as of late, but digging deeper I'm overwhelmed by the sheer amount of cool stuff Im finding here and in quaddicted, I have no idea what kind of wizardry is going on around here but I think its criminal that I have never heard of anything beyond AD. So I'm trying to do my homework.

Dumptruck's video and the stone cold classics pastebin are nice pointers, but what sorts of mods and mapsets would you show to a newcomer trying to break the ice?
Talking in terms of Doom modding, if I wanted to show somebody what Doom is capable of I would show them stuff like Back to Saturn X, Sytche 2, Ancient Aliens or Going Down, if we are talking gameplay I would show them High Noon Drifter or GMOTA 
Forgot to mention: so far I've been checking out the recent set of jams released like underwater and terracota, also stuff like Ter Sibboleth, retro map jam noir, in the shadows, rubicon travail and zer 
I'd be very happy if other content creators started doing more Quake videos outside the "Let's Play" format. (I love these but there are plenty IMO)

Everything you mentioned above are great places to start for anyone. And you are right it is overwhelming!

Another little mod that is a lot of fun is the DMSP mod. It takes almost any deathmatch level and creates a wave respawn type of SP experience. I love it because it's an arcade experience. A great warm-up if you are rusty and want some quick intense action.

Also Rubicon Rumble Pack is astounding!

and lastly Beyond Belief is a must play. 
Thanks man, I just gave dmsp a spin and it was pretty fun, specially with the main theme blasting off in the background, I also have rrp and bbelief added to the backlog, hope I can do them justice. 
But Who Are You? 
some rando from /vr/
ah, screw it, here's the channel, I only have the Doom video tho, as of now Im just recording for the next project, but maybe I will have a working draft in a week or two

last time I posted early versions on the dedicated Doom thread, got a lot of helpful advice from the anons there, hope you guys dont mind me doing the same here

Im looking forward to play all the cool maps I've been missing on, maybe even record some demos, getting into video editing has made me appreciate the value of feedback quite a lot 
The retro fps guys at /vr/ are a pretty big community. I see news items from here posted over there pretty often. 
Well I finally finished the first draft of the introductory guide video, it is mostly intended to ease newcomers into playing Quake and trying out maps, and any suggestions on how to better realize that are more than welcome.
Im content with the general outline of the video, but as of now everything is up for change.

It's been a lot of fun working on this, hope it does the subject justice. 
The introductory guide is finished, hope It can be used to woo new players in.

And with that Im going to stop shilling, but I still have a lot of stuff to check out around here, hell Im strongly considering picking Trenchbroom up and try my own hand at mapping. 
GG on the video! And YES try mapping- it's addicting. 
Mark V has "more otpions"
ohhhhh boy 
yup I was informed about that
Im actually re-editing some parts, adding a couple of things that should have been there to begin with and generally trying to tighten up the editing. 
Rotatutorial Yo. 
Nice work. Clear and concise compared to the subject. Glad you did this so I don't have to! 
But Too Many Uhhs For My Taste 
This may sound like nitpicking, but it is indeed something to watch out for as it affects many video tutorials and makes them not as pleasant to watch. 
If I ever do one where I practise it in advance, I'll be able to reduce those. 
are why my videos take so long to edit. 
Record video first, write your text, then record audio. Problem solved. 
that's insane. I'm an editor... no one does this. WAY too much work. better to record live and edit out bad bits. 
They Do It In Animation 
Umm Sorry, Mixed Up... 
In animation they usually record the audio first. I meant dubbing. 
Another Method With Good Results 
Is to record your video. Then rewrite it afterward and read that as voice over. Then edit your original vo to the new VO. It's labor intensive.

I've tried that method but I simply don't have the time for that. 
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