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Plus 4 At ..::LvL
Four maps by two authors have been added to ..::LvL. Can not blame these two authors for taking advantage of the low map queue volume. Both maps by fKd are well worth checking out.

* Electric Substation 30 by fKd
* Server Overload by fKd
* SonicBoil by ZaRR
* MoistBoil by ZaRR

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news, I'm looking for contact details for g1zm0 / Mike Burbidge. If anyone has any details, please get in touch (don't post the details publicly please).
ZaRR is not fucking around 
Fuck Zarr 
I haven't downloaded a q3a map in years. fKD's are now on my machine. GG fKD!

Really excited to play these two.

Oh and GG ..::LVL for hanging in there for all these years. 
It's kind of insane to still see Q3A maps, is the online community still active? 
My jaw just dropped. 
Cheers :) 
Thanks for the kind words, and a massive thanks must also go to Tigger who keeps Lvl running! 
Just watched the pics and vids. The fKd maps have a distinct RRP flavor, I'd love to see them converted to Q1SP.

fKd makes me want to dust off ioquake3 tonight and shoot some CTF bots. Looks like fun places to get stuck into. 
@Johnny Law 
I've never tried ioquake3 as Q3A works great for me. What are the benefits of using it?

BTW not only did fKD's work make me want to play Q3A again... now I want to map for it again... my fav game of all time. 
The Verticality Is Strong 
Eh, ioquake3 just has various bugs cleaned up and I think it's easier to make widescreen work correctly... actually been a long time since I tried normal Q3 so I could be wrong about that. I also remember a few years ago when I was running LAN parties for friends, we made use of ioquake3's ability to do fast downloads of new maps from a webserver. I'm sure there's other tidbits like that. 
I can't possibly favor Q3A over Q1 because NO MOTHERFUCKING SP! Q3A is great but only half a game. 
You can play against bots so technically there is SP. The whole reason for the game existing was becuase of the success of QW and online play. I played 1000s of hours of Q3A (1000s more that Quake 1 SP.) So to me... much more than a game. :P 
Yeah but bots aren't the same as a true SP campaign and I've always regretted its absence in Q3A and UT (especially since I had no internet connection until somewhat recently). SP gameplay is completely different from MP and I missed it in the lusher Q3 engine. Also, after Q2 I wanted id to revisit the Q1 universe. 
Ioq3 Widescreen Is Identical To Q3a Widescreen 
Quake It Need's More Meme Maps !! 
Quake Need A Terry Wad 
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