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Weapon Bob In FTEQW
Is it possible to change the weapon bob in FTEQW? Quake's default bob is annoying, the weapon just goes up and down, but it looks like it's stretching or some crap. Is it possible to change it to something like Doom, left and right?
tbh the vast majority of QW people just use cl_bob 0 so weapon bobbing isn't something I've really spent all that much time messing with, hence no left/right options.

one option is to set r_viewmodel_fov 70, which is still recently added and should reduce any stretching.

also make sure you don't have both vid_conwidth+vid_conheight lingering from other engines - those other engines tend to have screwed aspect ratios. As a general rule you should only use ONE of them, with the other set to 0. 
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