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DM4 Jam - The Bad Place
Quake DM4 is a beautiful map. Vertical... deadly... and dare I say... sexy. But... only in deathmatch!?!

It's time for you to bring this beautiful theme to the single player dimension.

***Your mission is to create a single player level using the DM4 visual/spacial theme.***

Verticalilty meets lava meets gorgeous runic textures. Epic or modest, speed map or Arcane Dimensions level of detail - all submissions and styles are welcome.

Here's the offical wad for the jam. You can add other wads and textures but please use at least one instance of each of the included textures somewhere in your submission.


UPDATE: New and final deadline is: Sunday March 18th at 18:00 func time.

There will be absolutely NO (more than the two we had) EXTENSIONS. Don't even ask. The jam admin (me) will NOT be submitting a map. Make sure and have someone playtest your map before submitting it. Use the email address in my profile to send me your maps. Or find me on the #terrafusion or #trenchbroom Discords to submit it there.

Name your map like this: dm4jam_<my nick>

Make sure and include a readme.txt and your .map file so others can learn from your hard work.

GO MAP!!!!
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Head Count For Jam 
If you are working on a map for the jam. Even if you don't think you can finish in time. Please post. (even if you have already.) I need to ge a head count for the start map. Thx! 
Count Me In! 
I'm definitely gonna take a stab at this. I've never participated in any kind of community mapping project before so sorry ahead of time if I chicken out due to the time constraints :P.

This map jam theme totally caught my eye though and I couldn't pass it up! 
Count Me In! +1 
Me too 
DM4 Start Map Slipgates Could Be Map Entrances? 
Just wanted to pop in and say that I agree with the other people here advocating for using DM4 as the start map. You could make each slipgate a map entrance! Of course, that would mean you'd have to edit the map up a bit to not only include more slipgates for more maps, but also make sure that the player can still access the separate floors of the map, meaning you will have to differentiate map gates from actual slip gates.

Just thinking out loud! 
I'll Have A Bash 
Hello chaps and chapesses. Thought I'd stop lurking and finally have a tinker. Deadline's a bit tight but I should be able to rustle up something "old school", as the kids say! 
* Sigh * 
As promised so many times before, I'm in. 
I Like Dm4's Theme A Lot 
I don't know if I'll finish mine in time but I'll give it a shot, I'm in. If I do this'll be my second mapjam 
Who Would've Thought That DM4 Will Bring So Many People Together. 
also @MissBubble, Start map is definitely gonna have that idea. NewHouse is making it. 
Ah, sweet! I didn't know that someone had already planned on doing it. I'm looking forward to seeing it! 
deadline's kinda tight, but since i really needed the motivation to actually release something, i'm in 
Ahoy Hoy 
I'm still in; haven't got much to show for myself right now, but I'm cautiously optimistic! 
Cut N Paste From Discord Below: 
@everyone I have 15 maps so far. Obviously subject to change but here's where we are at:

ww (via func)
MissBubbles (via func)
ww (via func)
Bloodshot (via func)
prengle (via func)
ItBeginsWithTens (Rob why aren't you on Discord??)

Am I missing anyone? Who would like to test maps? we need help fellas? Please volunteer to test if you are not mapping. 
So Ww Ww 
doh... long day 
Triple Post - So What Of It? 
If you are intimidated by participating in a jam please... don't be. My first jam was Retrojam 6 Egypt. My map was passable and in some cases people liked it. But they demos and comments I got were invaluable to me growing as a mapper. My next map was not perfect but it was better. This is how Jam can help you improve. Be brave. Criticism is good. Somehow our culture has forgotten that. Go map! 
I will do 
Map or test? Either way great news!! 
Great news. Looking forward to seeing your work. 
Started On Something

I have a tendency to obsess over detail but hopefully i can keep it in check 
I'm being crushed by university right now. I might have a chance to attempt something if I start on Saturday, but we'll see. Either way, good luck everyone - really enjoying your screenshots and looking forward to at least playing some cool maps, even if I didn't make any... 
I will volunteer to test maps, if you will have me! 
really dig that first shot 
Heck ya. Nice. I will hit you up for sure. 
These look eerie. I like it! 
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