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DM4 Jam - The Bad Place
Quake DM4 is a beautiful map. Vertical... deadly... and dare I say... sexy. But... only in deathmatch!?!

It's time for you to bring this beautiful theme to the single player dimension.

***Your mission is to create a single player level using the DM4 visual/spacial theme.***

Verticalilty meets lava meets gorgeous runic textures. Epic or modest, speed map or Arcane Dimensions level of detail - all submissions and styles are welcome.

Here's the offical wad for the jam. You can add other wads and textures but please use at least one instance of each of the included textures somewhere in your submission.


UPDATE: New and final deadline is: Sunday March 18th at 18:00 func time.

There will be absolutely NO (more than the two we had) EXTENSIONS. Don't even ask. The jam admin (me) will NOT be submitting a map. Make sure and have someone playtest your map before submitting it. Use the email address in my profile to send me your maps. Or find me on the #terrafusion or #trenchbroom Discords to submit it there.

Name your map like this: dm4jam_<my nick>

Make sure and include a readme.txt and your .map file so others can learn from your hard work.

GO MAP!!!!
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I'm Still In. 
Oh Yeah Uhh, Count Me Too I Guess... 
UPDATE Nu-nu-nu-nu-nineteen, Nineteen 
Cross post from #terrafusion ArrCee has volunteered to playtest maps.


UPDATE: 19 dm4 inspired maps!?! Obviously subject to change but here's where we are at:

MissBubbles (via func)
Bloodshot (via func)
prengle (via func)
ItBeginsWithTens (Rob why aren't you on Discord??)
digs (via func)

Am I missing anyone? Who would like to test maps? Please volunteer to test if you are not mapping. 
Texture Wads With Animated Water? 
anybody know of some texture wads with lava and waterfalls? I know of hipnotic for water but I'm curious if there's something newer 
Blind Links From Quaddicted 
Has a lava texture that’s looks like a downscaled, rotated base lava texture. 
The Story So Far 
RL And A MH 
Looks like an enticing area. 
Very Nice 
I always liked those grey-blue bricks you used near the lava. Kinda reminds me of a DM map from that angle

I've made some decent progress 
Some More Shots 
Wew Jesus 
So trim is the secret to making quake gorgeous 
Re: Post #30 
False alarm, chaps. As you were. I don't think I can meet the deadline. This little adventure is becoming a tad more involved than initially anticipated. I might pop up later with a standalone! 
Updated Texture Wad Plenty Of New Textures (from Bal, Jazz And Me) 
I Guess This Thread Isn't The Target Audience... 
But here's Dumptruck's trailer: 
Interesting take on the teleporters. 
If You Aren't On #Terrafusion 
Please post an update on your map and if you'll make the deadline this Saturday.We have voluteers who can playtest. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work!

There's a dedicated dm4-jam Discord channel for this here: 
If Only I Had Known! 
I keep missing mapjams. Been busy, but might have thrown together a short one. No time at the moment. 
Won't Be Able To Make In Time, Sadly. 
You can strike me off the list, dumptruck. 
Reminder The Deadline Is Sunday The 11th 
at 18:00 func time. 
I wish THAN would make something for this 
Probably Out... 
Probably. I got sick about a week ago, after a productive day of mapping go figure, and I'm just now sitting at my computer for the first time since. Having made zero progress in that time, it doesn't look good for my entry.

I know plenty of people have made perfectly fun maps in less time than I've got remaining, so I won't rule out trying to put something together, but I'd say smart money is on me not finishing in time. Sorry! 
I know you got a bit burnt by some extension a few jams ago, and also I know the OP is very adamant about not allowing any extensions.

But now we've already seen several people drop out because of a lack of time, and more people are getting rather uneasy about the amount of time left, including me.

Not asking for a week-long extension, but just a couple days (quite literally) would probably be very helpful for everybody involved. 
We're discussing an extension on #terrafusion... lesson learned... these things happen and this is my first time admining a jam. I will post here with an update but thought I'd ask what others thought. 
Deadline Extended! 

Please have maps to my func email address by 18:00 func time next Sunday March 18th. Func time is based on German time zone (UTC -1) You can compare your time by specific day and date here:

Go Map!!! 
updated thread with new deadline 
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