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Q1SP: DM4 Jam
DM4 jam is now available. A single player Quake map pack inspired by the original dm4 map "The Bad Place" by American McGee. 23 maps new maps! Some of these maps are from first time Quake mappers. A start map is included. Some of the maps support Coop and Deathmatch as well. Check the readme for more details.

You can download the pack from here.

Here is the jam “poster”.

draqu & promeus

Here’s the original func_msgboard thread for some history on the jam.
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Thank you =D 
It's a info_notnull/modelindex/origin/avelocity hack. As seen below.

"classname" "info_notnull"
"origin" "2602 -392 632"
"angle" "-0"
"movetype" "8"
"avelocity" "0 0 50"
"model" "*1"
"modelindex" "158"
"_tb_layer" "3"

Was very cool in map. 
Thanks for the demo, but I'm pretty disappointed that you figured out 2 and 2 on your own but didn't add them to make a 4 to unlock the secret behind the mural.

I invite you to replay the map without breaking the progression, that way you'll experience a whole new entire area and get some answers to your questions. 
Yep! It was pretty cool! It's awesome that a rotating brush can be done without a custom progs.dat =D 
Invitation accepted, here you go. Took several playthroughs to realize the runes followed a pattern, and kept taking the pentagram as a red herring and assuming there was a secret in the lava someplace instead. 
RE: Spud 
why does not work 
Because it's free, lets me keep track of all the files I have uploaded in one place, and isn't slow as balls like Quaketastic is, nor do I want to fill someone else's small hosting site with gigs of my own demos only a handful of people would have any reason to download anyway.

Also it works fine for me and apparently most other people, whatever doesn't work is on your end. 
Finally, my last two playthroughs \o/

Absolutego by Skacky:

Heat by TheMusic: 
We have been chatting to make dm4 dlc flexible (like it should be?) and see how much time each of us is needing. I would suggest to continue what you started, or start now or never and do not worry about the deadline anymore, deadline was there to wake up ppl so we could release bigger dlc pack together* And of course 2.0 updates are welcome, I received them 5 so far: artistical, giftmacher, mariteaux, prengle and scar3crow. (hopefully I didn't miss any?)

dlcs atm:
neggers - needs couple days to finish his
adib - needs much more time because rl work situation.

Rest let me know if you're willing to continue/start.
found me from discord terrafusion channel or
email mikkou9(at)gmail(dot)com 
done lots of rock climbing around in great Mukor's, still only 2/6 secrets found 
How do you get laval to display correctly in FTE? (I think that's your engine of choice right?) 
All the maps that i played with so far with FTE, the lava was ok, but I don't know why some of the DM4JAM maps overwrites the water/lava/teleport values.

My solution: check if r_wateralpha is set to 1 AFTER you load the map.

When i was playing "The Dirge of Despair" (dm4jam_bloodshot.bsp) i had to bind a key (right-mouse-button) to "r_wateralpha 1" because everytime i died and quickloaded the map, the lava was invisible again, so i just press the right-mouse-button to bring the lava back.

"Absolutego" (dm4jam_skacky.bsp) also has problem with the water texture in FTE. r_wateralpha is automatically sets to zero when you enter the map, since the map has water all over the place, i choose to play it with quakespasm.

The start map has a problem too. The lava is ok, but the teleport texture is invisible. You can solve this with r_telealpha 1 or 0.5 or something like that (i only discover this solution in my last video) you can see here that the teleport textures are ok with this command

The other maps are ok, i think... 
Thanks. I'm gonna pass this info along to a Reddit user who had the issue and wanted to figure it out. Great info! 
Oh, I forgot to say that sometimes, in some of the DM4JAM maps, the teleport/slime/water texture is displayed like a black/pink checkerboard.

The solution i found is just go to the lighting options menu and press "apply lighting" again. You don't have to change anything in this case, just "apply" and the texture is back.

Again, i don't know what causes this bug, and why it shows only in some maps of DM4JAM. like "Total Fucking Lies" (dm4jam_rj.bsp) and "Another Bad Place" (dm4jam_giftmacher.bsp) :P 
YouTube gameplay video for DM4Jam - Lost Expedition, by Wedge_One. Also featuring the DM4Jam start map.

I've never managed to find the last button in the start map, so I haven't even tried in this video. Also, I've played on easy skill, just to relieve some stress, but the final battle was way too easy. Health placement was fine, but I've ended up with way too much firepower for too few monsters. 
By the way, it's an amazing map. The organic contours of the rock walls around the lava really enhances the impression of the lava being liquid, by visually complementing the classic turbulent distortion of liquid textures. The rest of the architecture was also really good, and the mix of animated textures with animated lightstyles gave a great atmosphere. 
Parts 2 And 3 On The Quake Grave 
Sorry, I forgot to post Part 2 apparently, so here is Part 3 also to make up for that:

Part 2:
Part 2 features the maps from Breezeep, Danzadan, Scar3crow, Digs and Draqu/Promeus.

Part 3:
Part 3 features the maps from Giftmacher, Mukor, Naitelveni, onetruepurple, Prengle and Queenjazz. 
Part 4 On The Quake Grave 
Part 4:

Well I finally finished the pack and I can easily say this was awesome! There wasn't a bad map to be found here and with all of the new authors contributing here, it's great to know that the community talent pool is just growing. Thanks everyone for such a great pack! 
Thanks for the kind words ArrrCee!

I made a few bits and bobs in the 00s (mostly speedmaps) but this is the first map I've put out in nearly 10 years. And I can't take all the credit for it either as it was essentially a remake, with multiple rooms recreated from Anders Persson's 'tfl' series (which is probably why you found the first main area so familiar, as well as the general oldskool feel). They were some of the first custom Q1SPs I played; I still love their scale and simple-but-effective 3D setpieces. This partly explains the map title too :D

I do love these commentary videos, had a great time watching this as well as ionous & Shambler's Twitch recordings. Entertaining as well as offering valuable insight. 
What's up with the DLC/2.0 update? 
Coming Next Month 
My Review Of DM4 Jam 
Great job on the jam and its DLC, everyone! :) I finally finished playing them and wrote my reviews on Quaddicted: 
Thanks For The Dissertation, Esrael 
Glad you enjoyed it. I’ll admit the early arena was too difficult, but I was running out of time. Production went right up to the deadline, and I had to cut a fair bit (noclip with fullbright on to get a scope of some of it). 
That map from Skacky, particularly the first half, is amazing. I'd love to see all Skacky's levels pulled out of the many jams and put into a single release. By my count about 12-13 maps, maybe 3 episodes which would probably end up longer to complete than Quake itself. They kind of get lost within mapjams and you don't remember which jam has which but if it was all one release which properly flowed one map to the next, it'd probably be the best set of proper episodes ever. 
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