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Q1SP: DM4 Jam
DM4 jam is now available. A single player Quake map pack inspired by the original dm4 map "The Bad Place" by American McGee. 23 maps new maps! Some of these maps are from first time Quake mappers. A start map is included. Some of the maps support Coop and Deathmatch as well. Check the readme for more details.

You can download the pack from here.

Here is the jam “poster”.

draqu & promeus

Here’s the original func_msgboard thread for some history on the jam.
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Oh hells yes 
shots look nice. 
Yes They Do 
The maps look great! I'm really looking forward to checking it out later. I'm kicking myself for not being able to finish mine though! 
Lets get the ball rolling, started playing these, here are some demos, all on skill 2.
Pretty fun so far, great work guys!

Love how this map looks, and it was alot of fun to explore, very open ended.

Very fun and original gameplay, and again a really nicely interconnected layout that uses the space really well, visuals are very slick as well.

Very faithful to dm4, the layout was kind of confusing, but still pretty fun to navigate. Dat secret. :D

Cool first quake map! A few quite fun situations, and a rug.

Another very DM4 faithful map, fun overall, even if the final fight was kind of annoying if you reach it with too little life, maybe there was a trick to it I didn't figure out. 
2 More Before Sleep 
Cool start, nice flow overall, like seeing the stronger weapons, but felt like it could've been a bit harder on skill 2.

That wasn't what I was expecting hehe, very fun slaughter map! 
Congrats To All! 
Screenshots look awesome, looking forward to playing! 
is there enybody who can help me to instal and run this lvls ? maybe somebody form poland ?! 
1. make a folder under Quake called dm4jam
2. unzip all files to that folder
3. make a shortcut to your Quake engine of choice - see here:

4. then add this command line to the shortcut

-game dm4jam

or use Simple Quake Launcher (easy!) 
DM4 Jam 
Started with Prengle's map due to this comment:"Very faithful to dm4" - loving this! Thanks to all the contributors. Quake is back in my life since 2017 and I couldn't be happier. 
Love your nick. I was an "Apes" fiend growing up. You are going to love this Jam. 
Demos For Everyone! 
Demo Pack, Mostly Blind.

I really enjoyed this jam trough and through! Big round of applause for everyone who participated! 
DM4 Jam 
Thanks dumptruck. I've wanted to thank you all since last summer for the re-emeregence of Quake in my life. I missed it very much but life goes by and other things enter. With the recent "newsworthy" maps and AD, Quake somehow came back to me and I couldn't be happier. Please keep up the new maps and releases like DM4Jam (map packs). I know there are more folks like me out there who don't say much, but are enjoying the hell out of all these releases! 
Minor Spoilers Follow 
start map: very nice. automatically went to Skacky´s level, extremely cool as always, the CAVE AT THE BEGINNING! never seen anything like that in quake ever. later in the level I´ve noticed similarities with your entry for retrojam3, Skacky (not bad thing at all). technical: which maps exactly require starting using the -game dm4jam command, as I somewhat prefer more vanilla-ish ID setting pls? can not wait to play the rest indeed 
There is no replacement content other than the conback and the menu graphic. 
New Menu Graphics, 
good job! 
Breezeep, Nait, Mukor 
3 huge maps, lotsa wandering around, the lighting! the details! excellent. liked Giftmacher´s (lighting, details) and Ionous´ (circular rooms) too, thanks a lot to all for making this pack 
artistical - some big rooms, liked the vertical one with open roof (above silver key if I remember correctly), interesting (a bit of a lo detail tho)
bloodshot - felt a bit lo detail in places, enjoyable nevertheless
danzadan - ok
digs - tru to dm4
draqu & promeus - suprisingly good!
ionous - nice circular rooms
mariteaux - enjoyed the lava swim
newhouse - start map; found two suspicious shootable buttons on the upper floor, hints for other two somebody pls?
otp - won´t load unfortunatelly
prengle - ok, a lot of crossed bars
rj - that lava/glass rooftop!
shades - looked like a doom level remake, was dark
wedge_one - ok
ww - won´t load unfortunatelly 
What engine? 
I've uploaded a playthrough of scar3drow's Bad House. It's not a blind playthrough because on my first run one fiend jump into the lava and i couldn't kill him. So i had to start over :P

I also uploaded a blind playthrough of artistical's Final Place:

If you go at 09:40 on the video, you'll notice a missing texture pattern. I think this only happens in FTE, because after this i loaded the map in quasespasm and the blood texture was there :P

I also noticed that FTE doesn't show the teleport textures on the start map :/

somebody knows why FTE is struggling with these specific liquid textures? 
Otp, Ww 
liked both maps a lot, nice contrast grey/blu vs orange lava, great lighting...
ww - a lot of nice solid blocks, dark
otp - my fav part was the final square with trees n building 
No demos, because I suck. But wrote mini-reviews of each one after playing. Skill 1 used (again, because I suck).

Liked the curved design and how it eeks so much gameplay out of essentially one room. Good detailing. Combat a little on the cramped side for my tastes but it was well balanced, challenging but fair. Nice overall.

This was interesting. The brushwork was messy in places but artfully messy, like it was deliberately going for the abstract look, as in other places it was neat. Although I think inconsistency is its main problem, it struggles to really hook onto one architectural style. I liked the blue rocks, thunder and lightning... nice atmosphere overall. Fairly easy but fun.

Wasn't a huge fan of this in honesty. Most of the monster setups/ambushes pretty ineffective and I found myself doing lots of backing up / picking off from distance rather than getting stuck into the action. I think this was the case with every vore and shambler in the map, they never really felt threatening due to their positioning and it ended up being a game of duck-and-shoot. I'm a pretty cautious player but I like maps that coax me into playing less cautiously or catching me by surprise and this one never did.

Great deal better than my first map... Some good use of angles, general room design on track. Biggest disappointment was that it started with two ogres and everything that followed was easy base enemy! Build things up.

Stunning opening shot! Great architecture, mostly great visuals in all barring a few misaligned textures. Creative use of nonlinear gameplay, was nice to navigate around. Started hard (was dodging a fiend with just an axe at one point) but the endgame was a bit disappointing. Fantastic for four days' work in all.

Little bit dark. I ended up having to restart at one point because I couldn't work out how to cross the slime at first (still not sure of the logic behind those plats) so ended up jumping through the slime to the left until getting the biosuit, which meant I couldn't survive later on when it came to grabbing the silver key. Completed second time round, although if there was a SSG anywhere I missed it, which meant combat wasn't as satisfying as it could have been.

Artistical (A Profaned Place)
Some great detailing on this, loved the chains, broken floors. General epic scale and multi-level aspect was cool! Messages were a nice touch but they disappeared too quickly. End battle seemed like it should have been epic but it was too easy to just run backwards and spray with the SNG from distance.

Artistical (A Final Place)
Yes! Proper DM4 feel to this one :D the details bring it up to date without affecting the vibe. Works really well despite the tight scale. Great action-packed combat, fun end battle that went on just about long enough to worry me!

Awesome! Looks beautiful, love the trim and rune features. Seals with the spawn explosion are cool :) and the little hellknight caves... and the ammo shelves. Just full of great details, fun to play too. Ending was surprisingly tricky despite the quad, although I wondered into the exit by mistake on the third attempt before killing everything.

Brilliant!! About the only remotely negative thing I can say about this is that it felt less DM4ish than the others, but that really isn't an issue when the brushwork is this sexy and the gameplay so well orchestrated. The focus on zombies was something different, I loved it. Great to run about in even when I couldn't find the way forward. Top marks :)

I liked how it alternated between DM4 and regular metal, they go together well without it feeling inconsistent. The blue/green chequered floor texture was maybe a bit out of place but it looked nice I guess. The DM4 parts were very faithful with the tight scale & frequent teleports. Cool ending (both lava swim and final battle).

Part II 
This looked cool, some very nice details. Just a shame there wasn't more of it. And even with the size I couldn't help feeling a bit more gameplay could have been squeezed out, was all over too quickly. Under-lift message made me chuckle :)

This was OK. Visually it was one of the blander ones, although I struggle to pinpoint exactly why; the room shapes are all interesting and there are a fair few light fixtures and different textures breaking things up. It was all good quality but just didn't *pop*... maybe there was too little contrast overall, I'm not sure. Play was ok, although a bit easy with the quad secret. The start was probably the hardest bit.

Draqu & Promeus
Looks brilliant; very slick detailing, nice rockwork and great use of lavafalls. However I had problems with progression, because I am a massive idiot I could not work out how to get past the 'Aren't you forgetting something?' message, and after traipsing around for 10 minutes figured I'd have to grenade-jump to get to the LG. End fight was fun.. but judging by the intermission screen there was a whole section I missed :-(

Favourite thing about this was the layout, almost maze-like but with enough logic to figure out where you needed to head / head back to. Nicely balanced gameplay, and fun. Although I ended up psyching myself up too much for the end battle, that room gave me the feeling of "oh shit, something BIG is about to happen" like Chthon busting through the floor or something... but just got two knights, a vore and a shambler on Skill 1. Brushwork good, simple like DM4 only neater, and with some nice details like cages and bars.

Holy shitballs this map is amazing!! How the hell did you make this in 9 days!??? Fuck man. Sorry I'm a bit lost for words. Instant classic!!

I really want to be happy about this map, because the idea is cool (and well executed) it looks awesome, it has a great layout, the initial lift drop is spectacular and everything just feels very high quality. However... if there was a SSG anywhere, I didn't find it, so found the whole combat experience frustrating. Not sure if this was intentional. Shame as it likely would have been one of my favourites otherwise.

Pretty much 'dm4rmx' if ever there was one. Was unsure about some of the wall texture choices. Teleports looked good though, and whole thing plays very nicely.

LOVED this, totally my kind of map, kind of thing I'd want to make had it not been for timelimits (honestly I have no idea how some of you build stuff so quickly). Stunning architecture, wonderful interconnecting layout and great use of vertical gameplay; tough but always plenty of health you can backtrack for. Really satisfying. Could have easily been a standalone release and a damned good one at that! Like Giftmacher's the only bad thing I can say is that it isn't that DM4ish, but I don't care, it's wonderful.

Again not massively DM4ish but at this point I'm grateful for a bit of variety. Great little map with cool details (esp the broken stones) and a nice layout. End area with the trees & lavafalls was fantastic. Gameplay spot on, can't really fault anything. Maybe the ending was a bit weird.. but different I guess.

Like Breezeep's this felt like more of a standalone map worked on for months. Just baffles me how so much can be put together in so little time, I thought I was fast and my p.o.s. map was a fraction of the size with about half the detail & polish. But anyway... the map is epic. Fantastic rockwork, great mix of styles, spectacular room design and AA+++ detail game. Aside from the slightly annoying travails underwater without a biosuit at the start, and a bit of a done-it-all-before finale, it was great fun too.

Last but definitely not least... the start map! Great work, loved that it took bits of each map for the entrances (not sure if this is a common thing with func_jams as this is the first one I've played) - very nicely done and really added to the pack experience.

My top 10
1. Bloodshot
2. Breezeep
3. Giftmacher
4. Skacky
5. Mukor
6. onetruepurple
7. Artistical (A Final Place)
8. Prengle
9. Mariteaux
10. Nait

(If I were to play wedge_one's again and a SSG magically appeared, it would probably slot in at #5.)

Well done all! 
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