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1st of all, thanks for the help I got, when I came to this forum, 2nd, I got pretty burned up and want to take a prolonged break from this map. Don't know, when I return to finish it, so I'm making sorta public beta thing and releasing the work I have. The ending's pretty crumpled up, but, alas. Skies do not exist also. And it's dark. And enemy placement (as overall design) becomes messier with each step you take. It needs lots and lots of polish (and it's the hardest part in every endeavour).

Feel free to comment on any aspect of the map.


Link to the .bsp archive:

Link to the .map:

Google Drive folder:

Oops, forgot to finish / edit / think up the title :P 
Quick Play
My 10 min or so demo, with no useful comments!
Map felt very rough even for a beta; still - just needs beefing up with more enemies and ironed out. 
That was very insightful. As I suspected, elevators don't read as much.

Some monsters didn't appear as the silver key, lol. I moved it a lil', before my final compile and it was enough for it to disapear – ooops!

BTW, it's interesting to see how you were determined to get the medkit at the "cathedral" and walked the alternative path, missing the respawn of 3 knights :). 
fixed key, fixed trap-door, added lamps to make elevators more apparent. 
Couple Of Things 
Would you mind if I did a video critique of this level? I posted one here and got great feedback from viewers.

I think your map would be a great subject. I like to get the mapper's blessing ahead of time tho.

Second. Are you abandoning this map? I think setting it aside while you work on something is fine but you should complete it eventually. A lot of first time mppers "bite off more than they can chew" on a map and start with something overly ambitious. This might be the case this time. Maybe set this aside for now and make something smaller and simpler with a smaller enemy count and a more linear layout.

Why no sky and why so dark? It's not hard to make a version of you map with some temp lights so we can avoid playing it fullbright.

One last thing for next time: You should post betas like this in Beta and Screenshots. Not as a standalone news post. You reserve those for final releases. 
My Demo 
Commentary on the demo:

Am I missing something, but I wasn't able to finish the map? Was I supposed to activate the exit or something? 
2 Dumptruck_ds 
1. of course, I wouldn't mind.

2. No, I'm not abandoning it, I'm taking a break to return to it eventually (it's like the most complete map I've ever done. Though it's my 1st Q1 map).

3. There's no sky, 'cause it's pretty tedious work to patch holes, when you're not sure what would be visable, what wouldn't, how the shape of buildings would change and etc. And to put it all inside a giant cube is bellow my dignity.

The overall low lighting level is due to the desired gloom in the underground sections, I'm not sure if it's possible to have bright outside and dark inside. In the end I got it backwards. Not sure about the looks in the end...

4. Ok, I got this. 
2 Esrael 
Great demo!

Have to bite my hand few times not no burst out laughing.

Yeah, I didn't figure out how to end the map yeat and it's a "placeholder exit".

Grenade launcher can be picked from the other side (the window frame slides). Didn't figure from where it's better picked.

The blue tint wasn't your imagination.

You're right about trapping yourself with two doors closed – there must be some other way to access the 2nd floor (crates, loose bricks).

Yes, it need way more enemies and ambushes.

Ambient – yep, adding it to "to-do" list.

The hidden door near the puddle of water doesn't mean anything – it's just a remainder of previous design.


As I said before, great comments and fun demo :D. You really put your mind into it. 
Glad You Liked It! 
I thought you'd find my playstyle of rather thorough exploration of nooks and crannies boring, especially my stubborness with the hidden door near the water pool. xD

I strive to spice up my demos with commentary, to make them more akin to a YouTube LP, for example. But instead of speaking to a microphone, I type my thoughts out, even if they were rather irrelevant stuff like interjections "Oof", "Aargh" or "Whoopsie". And it seems you found my demo both informative and entertaining, and for that I'm glad.

Hope to see you finish the map some day; thumbs up! :) 
Some Minor Changes (working Exit) 
These two demos + my brother's walkthrough showed the same results.

- buttons should be made clearer with distinct difference between pushable and shootable ones.

- elevators should be made clearer

- explosive containers should be reskinned


I fixed the broken exit (+ some minor stuff). So, if anyone else would like to check it, I recommend this version: 
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