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SM182 - Organic
Five Q1SP equivalents of spicy meatballs. Prepare yourself for:

Artistical's welcoming orifice:

dumptruck's sewer of flesh:

ionous' violent struggle:

Newhouse's house of horrors:

onetruepurple's valley of open sores:

Download SM182
yeah it was quite enjoyable, felt like System Shock2 ending or Half Life1´s Xen in places 
Here is my blind playthrough of "Theriak" (sm82_ionous)

There's two runs on the video, since the first time i couldn't kill the last shambler, i started again to save some nails for him... but, man... what a mess I've made on my second run XD

Awesome map. Quick brutal non-stop action. 
Fun maps! Here is a zip with demos of my playthroughs:

I really liked the mix of arch and organics in Newhouse's map. It reminded me a bit of Thief 1's pagan realm and the shifting walls felt a bit like Constantine's Manor. Good stuff! 
RE #3 
OT: played first two Thieve games over and over a lot, enjoying it a lot 
Thanks, little gems one and all. 
Here's some skill 2 demos. Here are also short text blurbs. Short speedy text for short speedy maps.

Artistical: My eyes are bleeding and I don't know why. Is all that fullbright red on the textures intentional? Hrm. Map may be someone's vore fetish. Ammo was down to the wire.

dumptruck: Fudged up the first playthrough somehow and couldn't progress; second worked fine. Cheeky telefrags to get rid of Vores. First button easily missable or I'm stupid.

ionous: May have done part of map backwards. Lots and lots of enemies are difficult; infighting is easymode. Where's the lighting at? Where's the intermission camera placed at, for that matter?

Newhouse: Was not expecting a map of this size to be in the pack. Really enjoyed the texturing and overall style (can't quite place it- Mexican soap opera church?) and possibly the gratuitous megahealth. Tiny graphical glitch in one spot, probably compiler error. Missed both secrets.

otp: Nice sky, nice hurt pools, nice bit of techbase. Relatively sure it's possible to sequence break to get the gold key but it's so short it doesn't make a difference anyway, really. 
I recorded some more blind playthroughs =D

"The Bruises, the Burns, the Cuts" by onetruepurple:

"In and Out" by Artistical (this one is not blind. in my first run i couldn't find the last two enemies, so i restarted the map to find them, but i only found the zombie hiding in the blood pool) :P

"Untitled" by dumptruck_ds (there's two playthroughs in this video. The first one is blind and i couldn't kill all the enemies, so i restarted and played again, with more caution this time) =D 
No, the fullbright wasn't intentional, sorry about that. I asked about how to correct it but OTP rushed me into finishing it.

It's your fault OTPPPPPPPPPPPPP! ;) 
My last blind playthrough of the pack \o/

"House of Decay" by Newhouse:

I love the idea of a house like a living creature, with flesh behind its walls and blood running through its corridors like veins. It's so lovecraftian =D 
Thanks for these videos! Great fun to watch and the RT lights are intriguing. I wish they would emulate phong shading on my Geo but that's not your fault. 
Yep... RTlights has some issues with these moderns lights styles... i also heard that delay2 lights aren't lit at all when RTlights are on :(

i don't know, maybe there's a fix for this (like a console command to activate the new light styles) and i am too dumb to figure out :P 
Thanks for the demo ^^

I wanted to respond few comments here:
map has two under lift secrets, but not the ones you thought probably. Hallway with the lowering ceiling was just the fake crusher* 
GG Spud 
I guess Spawns aren't your jam. 
I'm Not Saying I Hate 'em... 
...but far too often they seem to enjoy flinging themselves into lava pools, fall-damage hazards, or just out of my way in general, and unless I'm getting autismal about 100% completion, it's easier to ignore 'em and move on.

Speaking of 100% completion though, for an unrelated tangent: After watching Mclogenog's demo of your map and noticing there was an Ogre on the top platform after the drop-down instead of a Vore, I realized there's no way to see what difficulty a demo was recorded on, at least in QS. Has that ever been a thing in any sourceport, or is it just not supported by the demo format period (i.e. skill x is only used on map load to determine what entities are loaded and how enemies behave, and isn't saved to the demo itself at all)? 
About 100% Completion And Spawns... 
In Artistical's map (In and Out) there's a spawn hiding below the map (i only found him because i nocliped around searching for the last enemy). This is a FTE bug, in Quakespasm the spawn is inside the map like every other enemy. Anyone knows why this happens in FTE? :P 
I can see the skill in the demo on Quakespasm .93 but not Mark V. 
Where are you seeing the skill? If I hold Tab it shows it in the status bar (so long as -fitz isn't enabled) and it shows in the console with just skill, but so far as I can see that's whatever skill the game has set by the player and doesn't reflect the skill of the demo being currently played back. 
Ah. Same here actually. Hitting Tab displays the current skill not the skill of the demo. 
Enjoyable and different, here's a link to my mostly blind demos on skill2: 
Thanks For The Demos Jcr ^^ 
Thanks for the demos. I didn't budget my time to make that last battle a bit better. But great to see it was a challenge! 
Fun Bite Sized Maps 
I like the idea of really small, action-packed maps and these ones pulled it off well. Newhouse's map really stood out to me. I liked the concept of a sort of haunted house. The moving staircases were neat and the later section with the halls obscured by the torn pages was a cool idea. Purple's map was also cool with the platforming. In all the maps, the tight spaces made for a nice challenge and the enemy types were just right except for one area that felt a little too harsh until I got lucky.

Artistical's map is probably gonna stick around in my head for a while as well - not too often you get to pass through the bowels of a beast while fighting your way to the poop chute. 
Streamed On The Quake Grave! 
Hey all, I just got done with a stream for SM182 and you can watch it here:

Great job everyone, I think that you all had cool and unique approaches to this theme and I enjoyed them all!

Artistical - Loved the gaping mouth that leads to the sphincter. I guess that makes all of the monsters parasites right? Very creative!

dumptruck - Interesting beginning with the polyp... It's weird that a big fleshy ball thing is pushing me up a wind tunnel. I never thought I'd type those words but here we are! Also a very crammed and crazy room at the end makes for a big finish!

Ionous - Loved the castle look and the enemies spawning from above to blow up those weird fleshy doors was really unique and different from much of what I've seen before!

Newhouse - Loved this haunted house filled with fleshy walls! If this level weren't so boxy in some places, I would've swore this was a single release because there is a lot to it! The false walls and the movable stairs were highlights as was the ceiling falling down on you. Very cool!

OTP - I always rely on OTP for something funny or weird and this map features cuts in the ground that will damage you if you go in them. Sort of the reverse of salt in the wound, eh? Fun short map that just feels creepy! 
No goatse in these maps, afaik. What a missed opportunity.

Dumptruck's map was really good, with nice areas and fun encounters.

Ionous' map was way too dark and extremely brutal, with not enough weapons available at the beginning. Replacing the nailgun with a super nailgun would have helped a lot.

Newhouse's map was tricky and fun, felt like a E4 map.

OTP: Nice rocky walls, and nice choices of textures. It reminded me a bit of Doom's d2m1. The jump pad at the beginning of your map makes the player touch the sky brush, and this decelerates the player's horizontal movement, making it harder to reach the upper floor. Yeah, I guess friction also applies to sky brushes. The sky should have been higher, or the jump pad should have been slower. 
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