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Q2SP Episode: Roots
Roots is a single-player campaign for Quake2. It consists of 10 maps combined into an episode.

Screenshots & Download
Thank You Vicpas 
Great to see some love for Quake2 as well. Do you recommend a specific port? Did you use some custom textures? I would love to see some non-base maps for Quake2.
Anyway thanks for sharing your work! 
Good To See 
more Quake 2 maps and good looking ones to booth, but unfortunately i donĀ“t think i will have time to play them soon.

You could try and advertise it too at It is the main place for Quake 2 mapping. 
Looks Great 
This looks really good.

And recently I noticed Q2Pro is being updated again after five long years. 
Great To See Q2sp Lives 
Amazing to see q2 isnt a dead game, between you and :3 you are keeping it alive. Thank you! Just checked this out and it looks a very well made episode.
stuck at the point where there is a big drop in what looks like an elevator shaft on the second map and not sure where to go. 
Figured It Out, For Anyone Else Stuck On This 
*stuck at the point where there is a big drop in what looks like an elevator shaft on the second map and not sure where to go.*

the texture on one of the walls of the elevator shaft is actually climable. not a good design choice, could have communicated this to the player with a simple ladder. otherwise great effort on this project 
Calm Down Guys, It's Still Dead 
the mod is almost 20 years old 
Stuck After Boss Fight 
After I defeated the Makron in that strange alien chamber I can't proceed. The big teleporter portal is still inactive. I pressed both buttons at the side of it, but it seemingly has no effect. Anyone can help?

A very interesting Quake II unit btw. The custom textures work well and there are some interesting and diverse locations. I really don't think it's 20 years old, because the level geometry is way too detailed for a late 1990s custom map. Also a level set like this would have caused a stir in 1998. Anyone has some info about the author? 
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