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Ages Between Updates At ..::LvL
Three maps in this long awaited update at ..::LvL. Each map in this update has both highs and lows and if you are itching to play something new you will be fine with any of them.

* BlackHurricane by Martinus
* Frozen Abyss by nanoSpawn
* BathHouse by Shkiper2012

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news I've been reworking the site design. Some pages are currently wearing the new look and others are still being coded and ported. If you find any issues with the new look, let me know.
Nice! Frozen Abyss looks great. Gonna give these a try. 
One Of These Days 
I will install Quake 3 again and be up to date to all of these new maps. I was never much into Quake 3 gameplay but just to take a look at the visuals or from a mapper standpoint they are more than worth the time.

Dont install Challenge Q3
Dont install Open Arana 
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