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Q1SP: The Subconscious Fear
Tight! Dark! Scary!

map name: xl3 (the Subconscious Fear)
author: xLarve
Monsters count (easy/normal-hard-nightmare):108/123
Secrets: 7


Screens: 1 2

How to play:

1) Unzipe archive.
Put files in ...Quake 1ID1maps directory.

2) Launch Quake.
Type in console:
skill 0 - if you ready call you mom during playing!
skill 1 / 2 / 3 - if you wanna have a real q1 fun!

3) Type in console:
map xl3
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Never Ever 
place that grass texture on the wall

died pretty quickly off the lot of beers 
Grass On The Wall - Nothing Special 
[edited By Moderator] 
we're speaking about Q? right? right

it's your choice, but i'm not diging it 
D-i-g-i-n-g [edited By Moderator] 
[edited By Moderator]

Skill 2 Blind Demo
Cool stuff! 
Here is my blind playthrough on hard difficulty:

It took me 22 minutes to finish, but most of the time i was just staring at the architecture and the texture work done here =D i was blown away by the detais on this map, so much stuff to look at. I love it! =D

About the secrets, i can't believe that i just found 1 of 7. My technique of shooting all the blinking lights didn't work this time XD

My only complain about this map is the huge amount of ammo and health packs. It made things too easy on hard difficulty... I know 99,99% of the quake players love to have a lot of ammo and health so they can run around careless shooting and taking damage and facing no consequences because they have so many health packs that they'll never die. But i'm that 0,01% that like to play Quake as a horror game, counting every shell, saving nails for shamblers and grenades for zombies... it's more like resident evil 1 than Doom gameplay... so, yep... i like when the map has just enough ammo to kill all the enemies and health pack enough to reach the exit with 5% of life XD 
tnx for demo, tnx for video walkthrough (interesting mod). I added specially more ammo for a more comfortable play. If in some part of the map player has spent too much ammo, he will not suffer in the further walkthrough from the lack of ammo. 
this is quite enjoyable, looks good, finished it twice in a row, no secrets found 
may be make video with all secrets... 
My Demos

Nice map, I enjoyed playing through it! Love the archtecture, specially the ceilings. I found the texture choices very strange, just like an wacky dream. Good usage of quads.

I agree with Tribal, there's too much supply (perhaps you could have used more small boxes of ammo and rotten health packs). And for me, the ending didn't feel like and ending. A bit anticlimactic. Otherwise great map! 
Skill2 Blind Demo 
I really enjoyed the lighting and details throughout. I think it was a bit too dark in places, if I had to make a criticism. I also think health/ammo was a bit too abundant for my tastes, as already mentioned. It was still fun blasting through everything, though I only found one secret. I'll probably play again at some point to hunt them down. Sweet map! 
About the strange finish of the map. It ends in a military style, because the teleport, which was guarded by military soldiers, leads to a military base in military style (next map xl4). For me thats looks right. I often thinking about finish the map - how it should be making, because meet with the Shambler - is very good for end of the map, but then the idea with a golden key useless.
About ammos - yes it very many. I wanted that a player using predominantly 1-2 weapons would not lack of ammos.
Allmost all secrets are visible: closed door or bars-door...
I hope you find the time to searching for secrets, solve small enigmas. I think soon to make a video about secrets. 
tnx for playing! 
Still Got 
2 secrets only 
I like the idea of this map leading directly into the next unreleased chapter of the story. It's kinda like a wee "To Be Continued..." from a TV show.

Just wondering does this imply that you eventually intend to release your maps as a full map pack? 
I want to make a sequence of several maps. And then we'll see 
Videos - Spoilers! 
I enjoyed this map. I thought that the texture work felt a little busy at times in that there wasn't really one consistent theme. I was also confused by the transition to the base theme at the end but after reading your explanation, it makes sense.

I'm of the opinion that it is much better to oversupply ammo than to under supply so I didn't have any issues in that regard. However, I do agree with the comments suggesting that there was too much health. Sometimes it felt very welcome after a brutal ambush but at other times, I should've been punished for sloppy play yet there was always a nearby health pack.

The brush work seemed pretty intricate and I liked it a lot. I spent a lot of time looking straight up because you put some nice detail in the ceiling. I liked the tight spaces because they made for a nice challenge, and there was a nice mix of arena style encounters thrown in for variation. The layout was cool in how you had the player coming back to the same "hub" area.

I only got 1/7 secrets myself so I'll have to watch your video. I didn't really go hunting much for secrets to be fair but I was surprised that more of them didn't jump out at me. All in all, nice map with some pretty good game play. Looking forward to more. 
Tnx. Glad that you like it! 
You're A Master 
of hiding the secrets 0/7

skill 3 , my shitty demo
is here

liked the lighting ^)

not bad, not bad at all, much better then recent jam_bags 
Next Time Put It In A Zip You Arseweasel. 
Not Sure Who You Referring 
dl yourself a 7zip achiver (it's free)

and stop whining 
Shambolic Playthrough And Comments: including a mostly blind grenade only attempt, lots of moaning about grass wall textures, and a lot of fun finding most of the secrets.

Another cool map, some very strong designs and architecture in the bigger areas. Gameplay was too easy but fun and well balanced for that. The transition into base was done well and I look forward to seeing a base map. The main issues with this one it is.....a bit overtextured without so much thought as to what the textures mean. i.e. there's a lot of variety going on and sometimes that doesn't make so much sense on the structures / surfaces. The grass texture is a prime example but there are more, it was the same with XL2 as well. But a fresh style for XL4 will be very interesting and hopefully good progress. 
Skill 2 Blind Demo 
Saw this map on quaddicted, so I gave it a shot and had fun! Here's my skill 2 demo, 0 secrets:

A few notes:
- Architecture and lighting was very good. Texturing was a little unconventional and eclectic, but it worked for me!
- fighting Ogres who are down stairs from the player isn't very interesting. They body-block the path and slow the play down without adding much pressure.
- Most of the combat encounters were teleport ambushes and blind-spot ambushes, to the point that it got a little predictable. The only ones that became really intense were ones where an enemy spawned behind me as well, which felt a tad cheap. Maybe have the player drop down into an arena to start a fight instead of crossing doorways where they can step back and funnel enemies through the door?
- There seemed to be a lot of health packs for skill 2, so I was never worried about resources. 
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