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About The 25th Anniversary Of Doom
Hey there.

On December 10, 1993, Doom was released as shareware and became a massive phenomenon. Without Doom, we would probably not have Quake and its successors. Are there any plans to celebrate its 25th Anniversary?
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Oh right I didn't know about the DRAMAZ.

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You Lovable Fud. 
Have you updated the privacy policy yet? 
You can be sure there's going to be some event at 
"Clench Throckmorton doesn't collect your data - Clench Throckmorton IS your data - and this time, it's PERSONAL." 
Doom Rules 
I first started mapping by screwing around with Doom maps, and the level design of Doom still influences my Quake stuff. I would like to play a ton of Doom user maps some day when I get time. Unfortunately I've played very few Doom mods since like, Barney Doom. 
Doom is awesome. I'm not a fan of slaughter maps, but otherwise put it straight into my veins. Cacodemon Awards stuff is constantly amazing. Tronyn, maybe you should try Pirate Doom?

I wonder if some sort of Doom-theme mapping jam would work but that's tough. It seems like both the textures and the map layouts would be quite challenging to adapt to Quake.

Tho I really liked the Doomy door texture in Daz's fire-and-brimstone jam map. 
Wihout Doom We Wount Have Serious Sam 
Quake Vs. Doom 
Doom has deeper gameplay, Quake has more possibilities in terms of architecture and atmosphere.

Personally I mess around with Quake more because (comparatively) I suck at Doom. 
Care to elaborate? 
I'm also interested in Doom having deeper gameplay, considering the obvious limitations on player movement and level design and the enemies being largely far more primitive walking targets than Quake's bestiary. 
Plus Quake has spike shooters, swimming, trains, crushers, Quad, verticality. Props to Doom and all and yes perhaps a Doomjam is in order, but Quake builds on Doom and takes it further. 
Doom has several gameplay elements that Quake doesn't have, and vice versa. Quake isn't an expanded Doom. 
If you consider just a 2D arena of monsters, then Doom has superior combat.

However, as soon as you move outside 2D arena level design, Quake offers all sorts of other gameplay possibilities far exceeding Dooms.

Doom only beats Quake when you are just limiting yourself to Doom-style level design. 
Doom is just a more "fun" game. 
That was probably a bit of an overstatement but I think it comes down to Doom II in particular having a handful more monsters then Quake, filling several niches Quake doesn't have without Quoth or AD; but the huge difference is how much faster Doomguy is than Quakeguy. I think this makes a much bigger difference in gameplay than jumping and swimming does. Maybe it's just the kinds of maps I like to play, but looking at high skill-ceiling or "slaughter" WADs, I just haven't seen much like that stuff in Quake other than like skacky's latest demo. Or maybe its just that "Rubik's cubes made of mosnters" are more popular in the Doom community. 
The Most Useful Part Of Doom's Movement Speed 
is being able to quickly traverse the now empty level you've now spent 20 minutes going over in the middle of some retarded key-hunting horseshit created from a wrongful understanding that complexity = just make a goddamn maze everywhere. 
And we're still doing retarded key hunting horseshit through mazes in quake. It's great fun. 
The Heck 
What's wrong with a key hunt?
What's wrong with well done mazes?

Real world cities and buildings can be very mazelike. Doors are locked by keys...still...for thousands of years.

Would be better to complain about button hunts while we are at it. . . "Only 3 more complaints to go..."

Doomjam sounds like a blast. Let's make maps with zero vertically overlapping areas, monster horde closets, and obtuse wall secrets. 
A Doom 64 jam would be much more fitting. Doom 64 has spikeshooters, room-over-room, colored lighting, fog, and scripted events. Plus, its soundtrack and textures have a style much closer to Quake. 
Didn't Expect So Many Replies 
Honestly didn't expect the amount of replies to this. I'm surprised at how many interesting responses this got past the first few replies. Thanks for not completely rejecting this thread.

This thread got inspired by the likes of Quoth/AD pushing the idea of what Quake can be beyond what one would expect. But what really impressed me were Fantasy Quake and Your Path of Destruction in how they tapped into the engine in ways that you don't really see anymore. Though they're old mods from the 90s, the way they created new enemy models (no matter how imperfectly) made me really happy.

Fortunately, from my research into this, most of the work's already been done. It's just either lost, forgotten deeper in the Internet, or people just aren't aware of them.

There is a great chance to, instead of copying Doom as it was, reimagine Doom in the Quake Engine. Whether it's through a Doomjam or remaking Doom levels with the lessons of Quake, there's so much that could be done with the idea.

IMO, I think this could be done with the improvements to technology and mapmaking that exists today compared to 20 years ago. 
Key Mazes 
This is a level design thing, and I don't think anybody can reasonably claim Quake had key hunt mazes in the id1 maps (or any obtuseness in the level design at all), whereas Doom 1&2 did have some annoying mazes in the official maps.

So to criticize Quake for "mazes" means you must be criticising community made maps, and if you're including custom content in the criticism of a game, then I guess anything goes lol.

Quake sucked because of all those crappy fullbright boxes I had to play from I guess. 
I just haven't seen much like that stuff in Quake other than like skacky's latest demo.

Sounds like someone needs to get their butt over to quaddicted sharpish and start playing through Tronyn's portfolio. 
Oh Shit 
Tronyn's actually in this thread! #14

Long time no see, my friend. 
Don't Worry! 
Tronyn's in my top 5 Quake mappers, and yeah, his are some of the most brutal. But there are still a few things by him I haven't played yet do thanks for the reminder... 
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