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Q1DM: Court Of Fools
NEW Spacious Deathmatch map, influenced by the longer sight-lines of QuakeLive/Q3A maps, but with a mix of cover and open areas for classic Quake fire-fights.



Single Player : N/A
Team Deathmatch : 2v2, 4v4
Free For All : 4-12 Players
.map Included : Yes
Waypoints : Yes, FrikBot compatible

1 SP spawnpoint (for looking around)
12 DM spawnpoints

Not recommended for Duels (but if you want to, you'll be stacked with good gear by the time you find your opponent!).

Thanks to dumptruck_ds for looking into FrikBots with me, and to those on the forums/discord who provided encouragement, testing and feedback!

This is my first publicly released, finished Quake map ever. Hope you enjoy. Comments welcome :)
It seems a couple of items were falling out of the world :(

Moved items up off the floor and away from walls to prevent that, and tweaked a couple waypoint flags for the bots. Updated the archive, same download link. 
1st screen reminds me of Piranesi from CS. 
Interesting- somebody else said it reminds them of Thief. I haven't played CS or Thief, but I'm hoping the similarities are good? I only used id1 textures, tried to find a fresh look using what's available :) 
It might be the blocky-foliage-in-a-courtyard part that is drawing the Thief comparisons.

Anyway, a similarity to Thief is probably a good thing, unless someone is talking about model animations. :-) 
Here is two runs in DMSP2 on hard difficulty (100 monters):

Man, this one was hard! I mean, really hard!! And too much fun to play!! XD

It took me several tries to win two playthroughs without dying =D

I think you added more spawnpoints this time, because there was fiends and ogres all over the place (they didn't show up in the first version of the map) and fiends and ogres are always welcome in DMSP2 mode. The courtyard is big enough to run and avoid the fiend's jumps and the upper level full of ogres was awesome. Perfect place to be when you are a monster who launches grenades XD

Thank you for the fun =D 
Yes! Someone suggested more spawnpoints, so the final has 12 instead of 8. Man, that was awesome to watch. Thanks for playing!

Also, there's one pseudo secret to find in there, if you feel so inclined. 
SP Version 
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