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Quake 2 N64 First Planet
This is a direct port of the first 4 maps from the Nintendo 64 version of Quake 2.

Great Stuff! 
I had no idea that this was a thing. I hope the whole game gets a port. I'd certainly rather play the N64 game than the official PC expansion packs! 
The N64 version also had some extra effects like lens flares. Would be nice to see a fully featured port… Hmm, I just remembered that the N64 version actually uses an updated Quake 64 engine, which is basically Quake 1. 
Hah, this is pretty fun. I did enjoy the N64 port, had some interesting changes. 
I never finished Q2N64. Only remember that the levels were fairly cramped which is probably true for these ones as well if they are a direct port? 
This is a direct port of the level geometry, but it uses the stock Q2 textures. This works well for the most part, but some details are off. For example, the N64 version has a unique two-part door texture and the author simply used a one-part door texture for that. Also a big part of the Q2N64 atmosphere was the gloomy animated purple sky and of course the Aubrey Hodges soundtrack. So there is room for improvement.

Would be great to see all of the Q2N64 levels remade! 
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