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Best Q1 & Q2 SP Maps?
Hey guys! I've recently bought and played Q1 and Q2 again and I'm hooked. Since I'm pretty much finished with the original maps, and I wanted to keep drugging myself with nostalgia, what are the best Q1 & Q2 SP maps you guys recommend? I've tried deciding for myself, but there's just too much content available. Any curated guides or something?
kinn's maps, sock's maps, czg's maps / spog map is you're answer for Q maps 
Q1: the above and
Tronyn's maps
Arcane Dimensions
The Definitive (almost) List In No Particular Order 
Contract Revoked (Kell), The Marcher Fortress, Quoth, Chapters, Rubicon, AD, Orl maps - ALL esp Ter Shibboleth, ionous, Hrimfaxi maps, Beyond Belief, Something Wicked...

And every other map out there on Quaddicted and on Func. 
This one is pretty cool:

The Altar of Storms

Someone should organize a quake jam with this mod/monsters/assets.

It would be awesome =D 
Unfortunately there's no dev kit for Altar of Storms that i know of. I would love to use it!! I guess we could snoop around the progs a bit, but from what I've read it wasn't meant to be used aside for that release. 
well that's a bummer :(

i thought all custom code made for quake was free to use/modify :/

but i guess not :( 
Could Still 
do it and just focus on the map itelf as the theme for the jam. The map has one of the best atmosphere in Quake maps and deserves more attention. 
Q2sp Q1jam 
You can get a menu-driven batch file thing here that covers installing the highest-rated Quake 1 maps from Quaddicted:

Map ratings are kind of an iffy thing, especially with a small-ish voting population, but IMO the resulting list is actually quite good. 
Just playing through Gotshun's "The Lost Levels" and keep thinking how awesome they are, especially if you like the original id episodes. 
Thanks a lot for the recommendations, guys. Currently playing The Altar of Storms and it's beautiful. 
Used to have a "Level of the Week" feature, first maintained by Shambler and then others. (Fun fact: I was assigned to do revive it in the early 2010's but I was too lazy, and several months later the website was shut down.)

I've been going through Quaddicted and tagging the releases that were featured, but the archive is in very poor state so it's not easy.

Shambler's original review site are also a good resource for the best Quake maps - of that time, of course, but many of them still stand up well. 
I made my own personal "must play" list some time ago. As far as I'm concerned nobody should even open a map editor without playing all of these. ;-) 
Thats'a spicy list, ay. 
Thanks for the lists, guys! Having a lot of fun! :) 
Bumping To Say 
DM6RMX by than was probably the best map last year. 
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