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Quake-Tools Binaries
Joshua "Skelly" Skelton has kindly made his (command line only) Quake-Tools available for download here:

*pak: Add files to a PAK file.
*unpak: Extract files from a PAK file.
*wad: Add file to a WAD file.
*unwad: Extract files from a WAD file.
*bsp2wad: Create a WAD file from a BSP file.
*qmount: Mount a PAK file as a drive.

He has some Blender-related tools cooking too and will probably release those with some prodding from interested parties.
This Is Great News 
No more texmex/wally.
No more bsp2wad.exe.



/go map DS! 
Thanks for the shout @dumptruck_ds!

My tools are still in development, but are very usable. I'm open to feedback on my existing tools and possibly new ones that would make your workflow better. 
Blender Tools Ftw 
I'll have to check this out. Would be lots easier to avoid wally for paks. It's buggy. 
hmm that reminds me, i made command line tools for .lmp and .spr a long time ago, maybe should upload them. 
YouTube Overview 
Hey folks. I made a quick YouTube video overview of the tools. Hopefully it is helpful for folks new to working with command line tools. 
Y'know Texmex can open .bsp files directly and then save all the included textures as their own .wad, right? No need for bsp2wad in that scenario anyway. 
Yup, he knows.

I used Wally all weekend. It's wonderful and buggy. But this bsp2wad is drag and drop. Way faster than Wally.

Now you have options. 
These Programs wont run on some newer os.
Bsp2wad does still. 
Git Repo And Tracker 
If you have suggestions for these tools or find any issues you can find the Git page here:

I think Joshua is working on this as I type this. :) Nice to see tools in development! 
Thanks for the video! 
I‘ll put links to these tools in TB‘s manual and github as I get asked about such functionality often. 
Josh, thanks a lot for the tools. I noticed a problem with the pak tool. The pak file generated doesn't seem to be recognized by the source port. I searched for another pak tool and found one that worked so there must a bug. I can open an issue on Github if needed. 
Great News! 
Well done Joshua. It comes in handy. Enough of swapping a dozen different tools.
Thank You! 
Very Nice 
Works great, Thanks!!
The tutorial video helps a lot. 
A simple command line tool isn't a valid Win32 program? GG!

It requires Python FYI. 
Sorry about the salty tone but that wasn't specified on the page.
Which python version? I have 2.7 and 3.4 already installed. 
It doesn't need Python to be installed, exes have all libs and interpreter embedded, that's why zip is 72Mb instead of few kb...
Problem is it was built as 64bit app.

What you can do is to download Python and just run scripts:

...which imo is only sane solution, instead of running ~10Mb COMMAND-LINE(!) program... 
Khreathor For President. 
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