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·~¤ THE QUAKE AWARDS 2018-19 ¤~·
Hey guys.

I've started to organize some awards for our community. I've made a website over at Head on over and have a poke around.

In 13 days the nominations will open for all non beta maps released in 2017. There are a number of categories for maps, as well as a people's choice award.


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My Bad. 
He certainly never, ever said those exact words on the quake awards channel of the episode jam Discord, my mistake. 
Before this turns into a shitshow I'd like to ask that people keep this civil and that we keep the suggestions practical.

@post 125, I probably did say that. And the intent is to use "negative reinforcement" to get people to engage with voting. It's effectively the same thing as saying "you gotta be in it to win it".

I'm not going to dismiss Skacky's opinion over a flippant comment.

Skacky, the focus on the awards (for me at least) was the judging by the judges. The public voting was to give the public a say as to which their favourite map was. It was the people's choice. In the future, maybe we'll include voting for categories for the public.

I wanted to keep the scale of these first awards fairly small and scale them up in future years if need be. I'm already on this track, and if it looks like the bulk of people want more categories, then we can do just that. I am very cautious about the scope of the awards becoming too large, so even if this is what people want, it might not be a quick or immediate change. 
anyways, thanks for the feedback @Johnny Law, @Esrael, @Mugwump, @Skacky and @otp

keep the feedback coming in guys :) 
ok sorry it was just the drool you put in his mouth as a constructive form of criticism. 
@Mugwump that was already the case given it was dead obvious which map was going to win. I'm not salty over Sepulcher winning it because it is a great map (though not my favorite by any stretch), but the way that award was conducted just did not work at all. 
Somethings To Consider 
What if the community nominated each category and judges picked winners from that pool?

Other than this notion I'd agree with every things Johnny brought up in #117. Especially this: I'd remove the technical requirements and encourage more descriptive categories:

Best Vanilla style map
Best Experimental map
Best Use of Secrets
Best Use of Combat

This kind of stuff. I came around to the Awards and for a dry run this turned out well.

I'd be happy to help with social media outreach next year or writing. When I take my time, I can write... uhhh .... good. 
Yeah it's hard to predict what will be going in a year from now, but it's likely that you could rope me into taking screenshots or doing write-ups.

P.S. a potential new category that occurred to me: best collection or episode. E.g. it would have been cool to recognize that retrojam 6 or jam 9 was amazing as a whole package. 
Just consider only whole releases instead of single maps, like the Cacowards. 
That would exclude some great maps like Sock's Grendel's Blade... 
Grendel's Blade is a full release, consisting of 1 map. 
"Whole releases" as in map packs/episodes/jams would be given awards as a whole. That doesn't exclude single map releases, since in that case the "whole release" is a single map.

I think that would have to be introduced as at least one additional category if all the categories weren't just changed. This year for example we saw the Best Gameplay award go to a jam map. If this category still exists in the next Quake Awards, and jam maps are to be considered, it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to give the award to an entire jam containing maps by different authors which potentially greatly vary in terms of merits.

I think a best episode/map pack award would be cool.

I also agree with renaming Vanilla Map to Vanilla Feel (or id-style), and that splitting Best Gameplay into Best Combat and something like Best Exploration/secrets. 
Heya guys,

Just FYI, I've brought on board Dumptruck and Ionous to help with the administration of the awards.

We've looked at the suggestions and comments and have made some changes, some of which will be announced soon.

We look to hold the awards in March this year, then probably in January each year thereafter. By that time we should have the system and process much more refined.

I'm looking foward to this years awards, they should be good :)


Get OTP On Board Too, He Seems Keen. 
So both events (yours and OTP's) are called "accolades" now? I thought OTP was asked not to use the word "award" to avoid confusion... 
I Think That‘s Shambler Trolling... 
One of them can be "honors" 
Preferably not the one that relies on having an A in the name... 
yeah, that was shambs being shambs 
It Was An Accident! 
Update :) 
Guys, I need to apologise for dragging my feet on this one. I've done a bunch of work on the back-end of the site, have collated the list of maps to get judged and have engaged with most of the judges who will be shortlisting the maps.

Yesterday I posted an update to the site with the changes for this years awards, these have been primarily due to the feedback from last years awards, so thank you to everybody who gave feedback.

Over the next week or two I'll be briefing the judges and ramping up the social media before announcing the public vote.

Thanks everybody for your patience.

pentagram of perfection is a pretty great name. 
Nice One Snaut. 
Maybe let somebody more motivated do the awards if getting them in a timely manner is out of the option. 
There are plenty of people working on this right now and have been for some time. There are many more categories and maps this year. So that's great new for the entire community. 
To anybody concerned.

While I could list the reasons why we're running behind this year, ultimately the buck stops with me. I realise that not being on a tight schedule only hurts the community, I did want to be further ahead than we currently are... but we aren't... and it sucks. If this troubles you, I apologise.

With regards to me stepping aside, I have every intention of doing so once the awards have a good formula that works for our community and are stable. We're still experimenting with the formula, and like last year I'll post a debrief thread on func so I can gauge people's opinions.

This years awards have taken on board some of the criticisms from last years debrief thread, and you should see some differences in the final product.

OTP, you're clearly passionate about the awards, if you're keen on helping out, shoot me a message and I can assign you some work that could help us out.

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