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Idea: Quake 2 SP Jam
hi guys, its my 1st time here, though i've bee lurking here for maps since ever.

Well, its pretty much this, there's a few people on /vr/, QC discord and such talking about this lately.

Over the years we saw both quake engines evolving and quakespasm map jams proving to be insane over the time, but what about Quake 2? the game itself saw its share, but nothing compared to what Q1 got, in fact the few good and forgotten examples of this are the Mission packs and the Unofficial Trio that is Zaero, Juggernaut and Unseen.

the idea is simple, do a simple map jam using any theme for Q2(mines, space stations and such), you're free to use any of the Mission packs or Q2(even the unofficial trio), everyone here rocks at Q1mapmaking, and seeing this knowledge being use in Q2 would be sick, the source port is of your choosing, Yamagi, kmquake2 and Quake2xp are pretty much the best ones atm and all 3 are compatible with each other.

what you guys think?, i love Q1 and i still play it til nowadays, but Q2 needs some love too!
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Barnes -- the author of Q2XP -- hangs around InsideQC occasionally. Great guy. And smart as hell. 
quake 2 Xp is great, even if the Xpacs has no texture pack support at most, the results are still impressive, it feels like the X360 quake 2 port that came with Q4 years ago.

Though Yamagi is also impressive too since you can deactivate the texture filtering for monsters while keeping the OGL goodies, also its smooth. 
Why can't you plebs just be happy with vanilla quake? It's as bad as dressing an old man up in high heels and a mini skirt. Have some respect! 
if someone here wants speak about this update on tasty forums, feel free to do it, they would love this idea.

in fac,t they have 2 good SP Units uploaded there.

Slight Mechanical Deconstruction

Citadel 3.0 
Quake2xp 1.26.8 Final Release 
Thanks For The Hint 
I just tried it and it looks really nice. It also tweaked the nightmare difficulty to have respawning monsters like in Doom. That's interesting. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it, but it brought a twist to the gameplay that I want to try out, especially since Quake II can get kind of easy once you get all the high-tier equipment. That addition will probably keep me constantly on the move.

And of course, there's always Yamagi Quake if you want a vanilla nightmare difficulty mode. 
Yeah im going to think twice about doing Ground Zero on Nightmare.

in fact, this would be kinda interesting for a few maps, like strogg space stations with teleport hubs.

also it appears that Turic's Kmq2 weapons works on yamagi, but the texture is fubar because its another format 
Paul Steed's Commentaries About Quake 2 Models 
i'll leave this here if someone is interested when the time comes for the Q2 Mapping stuff

paul made this post back when he was doing Q3A 
About Q2XP, i think the monster respawn in Nightmare difficulty can be disabled with the console command: g_monsterRespawn 0

it worked in the last version of the engine, so maybe it will work with this new version ;) 
Found this info on twitter:

Yamagi Quake II 7.21 has been released today!
Some notable changes:
* It can now load .ogg music tracks in the naming scheme GOG uses
* Weapons are rendered with their own FOV (r_gunfov)
* Some of the glitches in the software renderer have been fixed 
Also you can download updated builds of Q2PRO from here... 
Sonic Mayhem Unit Updated 
@Kiiro Karnage, ah yes i forgot that too

also from QC discord 
The Main Problem With A Custom Q2 Engines 
every custom engine uses its own *.dll data
Would Love It 
if this MAP JAM actually happened!

Btw, Yamagi appears to be the source port of choice for SP and still has an active development. 
Wrong Its Kmquake2 ! 
Sure It Is... 
Kmquake2 last update: 4/30/15
Yamagi: 7/14/18

Yamagi is to Quake II what Quakespasm is to Quake 1. 
Kmquake2 Is Dead And Knightmare Is Gone 
in fact he kept teasing before he disappeared about custom huds for KMQ2 like Quake 4 and the straight up port of doom 3 one used by the late Quake 2 Evolved(another good port who died fast for "reasons").

as for ports, Only Yamagi, Q2Pro and Q2XP are up to date, though the later 2 supports md3 and more, and yamagi hates custom stuff, in fact i tried to use it with GOGQ2 and it didn't recognized the music, also it kept crashing on software. 
GOG has their "music" directory next to "baseq2" instead of inside it (along with some other quirks with the missionpack tracks). That's not Yamagi's fault per se, although its latest release has in fact been changed to recognize and adapt when it is dealing with a GOG install.

Dunno about the software renderer probs. 
here it kept crashing when i tried to play fullscreen, wile VQ2 ran fine, it think its my pc who hates YQ2. 
i'm actually looking to put a team together for this sort of thing. send me a message on twitter if you are interesting in this pelinal (or anyone else for that matter). twitter is @joshthenesnerd1 
Well I guess that's it guys. Joshthenesnerd is gona take it from here. 
i simply gave the idea, i suck at organizing things, and my free time kills me for it :\

but as i said, a QUMP Hub for Q2 would be neat, i love Q1 but i love the fast pump of Quake2SP

also everyone here is waiting for EricW tools update, since it will feature Q2 Lightning stuff, which will be easier to make more maps. 
Quake 2 Weapons HD- Grenade Release 
Turic released his hand Grenade model

also Yamagi doesn't support Md3, only KMQ2, Q2Pro and Q2XP

but it supports high quality TGA textures 
Thanks =D 
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