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Idea: Quake 2 SP Jam
hi guys, its my 1st time here, though i've bee lurking here for maps since ever.

Well, its pretty much this, there's a few people on /vr/, QC discord and such talking about this lately.

Over the years we saw both quake engines evolving and quakespasm map jams proving to be insane over the time, but what about Quake 2? the game itself saw its share, but nothing compared to what Q1 got, in fact the few good and forgotten examples of this are the Mission packs and the Unofficial Trio that is Zaero, Juggernaut and Unseen.

the idea is simple, do a simple map jam using any theme for Q2(mines, space stations and such), you're free to use any of the Mission packs or Q2(even the unofficial trio), everyone here rocks at Q1mapmaking, and seeing this knowledge being use in Q2 would be sick, the source port is of your choosing, Yamagi, kmquake2 and Quake2xp are pretty much the best ones atm and all 3 are compatible with each other.

what you guys think?, i love Q1 and i still play it til nowadays, but Q2 needs some love too!
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Sure Why Not. 
But how? 
TB supports Quack 2 I think now?

You'd still have to learn all the differences in how Q2 does stuff compared to Q1, so it's not a trivial change.

Also, I know nothing about Q2's lighting model, but I doubt you can get it looking as good as what we can in quake now with ericw's new stuff. 
Afaik there will be proper Q2 light support in next major EricW's tools update. 
Afaik there will be proper Q2 light support in next major EricW's tools update.

Now that's a spicy meat-a-balla! 
I always wanted to make at least one proper Q2 map, yeah. I wouldn't mind a jam-like event, at least to get started, but I don't think I would be up to it right now.

By the way, this may come in handy: 
It's probably because Quake 2 has more baggage than Quake.

Quake isn't as elegant as Doom in terms of level creation / scalability / lighting / pathfinding / readability of objects, and it's not very rich in terms of content... but it generally works.

Whereas I believe Quake 2 uses radiosity-based lighting (which is apparently harder to work with) and has broken AI and poorer gameplay overall IMO.

You don't slide while standing on slopes, which is nice... however, you still stumble (and levitate in Quake 2's case) on uneven surfaces. Very annoying. 
Something to the tune of "quake2 upstart mapping project" is what I hear in my head. "Q2UMP"? Maybe we can start it as the new tools update by EricW come out. 
I'd Be Up For This 
But my summer is pretty much "booked" with q1 projects.

I agree that once ericw's Quake2 support goes live would be a perfect opportunity to show it off with a simple jam. If we hold off for that I am in. 
Agreed On The Tools 
I've interest in this, but would be pretty frustrated to put time into it and have shitty lighting being my only option. Best wait for the tools. 
Khreathor's post somewhat makes it sound like ericw is workíng on actual q2 compilers - is this true or just a misunderstanding?

If a Q2 Jam should ever happen, I think it would be nice if it wasn't just a bunch of individual maps but an actual episode (unit) where all the maps are linked together somehow to comply with the hub-like nature of Q2! Since it's more or less a single, consistent theme. 
There are changes added in May by m-x-d waiting for testing and approval:

There was whole conversation about this. Can't find quote now...

So it's very close to have new light/rad tools for Q2. 
if this gets released, then a Q2UMP is a go.

also the hub idea is neat, hell is for heroes and the Citadel used this, and citadel uses Both mission packs and lazarus as resources.

+ The newest version of Q2XP now has a ingame light editor 
I keep wanting to say Q-Tump in my head when I see Q2UMP. Hope this don't "tump over". 
Q Trump 
Good Idea 
If this comes out it'll be the first custom Q2SP I ever play. 
I think S.H.U.M.P would be better than Q2UMP

Stroggy Hub Upstart Mapping Project 
Unoficial Trio 
i forgot to say that
Unofficial Trio of Mission packs is

-Zaero(Made by Team Evolve)
-Juggernaut(the full version is easy to find nowadays and it works flawlessly on modern ports)
-Unseen(though this one can be fully ignored since its a bad compilation of mods and even assets used illegally, also its incomplete) 
I Worked On Zaero 
I did the sound design for the whole MP and tons of testing for the LDs. :) 
I think the best unofficial mission pack that i played back in the day was Oblivion.
It came with the CDGAMER magazine, with his own music (12 tracks), 26 huge maps and 7 awesome new enemies... but it didn't have a proper end level :P

I just searched it on google and i found out that the game now has a real ending \o/

You can download it here: 
there is also the unofficial unofficial pack "Oblivion" 
oh shit, Tribal already said Oblivion :) 
+1 for going at this with erics tools provided they become available.

wouldnt mind poking at a different bestiary.

are there Q2 releases that include map sources? 
All my Q2DM maps have sources released 
Larks-a-lummy guvna! That looks like one of those perishin' realtime lighting engines and no mistake. Stone the crows, you ain't not never won't catch me with one of those blinkin' things, not 'arf! 
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