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There is a new Quake site that has some finesse but the current level of promotion is lacking.

Future unknown. Purpose unknown. You decide. /End Epic Rap Battle
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Security Is A Bit Overzealous 
The site blocked me after failing to notice a anti-bot measure on the login page. I've been there dozens of time and now my IP is blocked. Not in the mood to request access for one little typing error. 
Cool site. I remember seeing it mentioned I think because of the online wad viewer, Wad Studio. You can unload your wad or browse from a list of built ins. Hard to keep track of all these forums though - I could really use a site that aggregates new posts from all the forums I frequent. 
Poorchop - ? 
As long as the forums have RSS / similar
additionally there are plugin to display webpages within the dashboards. 
Nice, this looks like it could work for me. Thanks. 

I had no idea you were blocked. As far as the security being over zealous, work with me bro. I'm not a wordpress expert. I have a lot of security features enabled and I guess I need to go review them again. If I knew you were banned you would have been unbanned immediately. I will go right now and figure out how to loosen up the ban rules, as well as unban you, of course. 
you had 3 failed login attempts all in one minute at 9:13 on August 14th. You were banned for 4 hours (just like I told it to do). Your IP address does not show up anywhere in the currently banned IPs. As a matter of fact NOBODY is in the currently blocked IPs. The list is completely empty. 
I think the first of the 3 was just me hitting enter when Chrome propagated the username and password. The second was a typo. The third attempt was the little math quiz. Thanks for letting me in! 
Let You In? I Never Wanted You To Be Shut Out. 
onemadgypsy at gmail

Tell me these things. I can't guess. I see 50 million blocked IPs all the time. I don't have a list in my head of who is who. Of course I don't want my members to be blocked. That's the LAST thing I need! I'm trying to build all this up.

BTW, I added your trenchbroom playlist to the video gallery. I didn't know you had a trenchbroom playlist. Tell me things and I make things happen. The only reason I found it is because youTube randomly put it in my suggested videos thread. 
Purpose Unknown - Future Unknown 
The purpose is to replace quakeone in every conceivable way and beyond. I've already done it and I'm still adding/creating things. I refuse to believe that the admin abandoned and spam laden quakeone is going to come back or even be around much longer.

The future is up to all of you. I have a lot of things going on that I'm not seeing at any other quake site and I have more ideas in the works. When I started this it was all about adding plugins and a complete restyle of everything. There are no more plugins. I have literally added every last one that is worth a damn and/or has any use for the type of site I have. Now, I'm all over this monstrous source I have collected making all these plugins better. My PDF plugin is a good example. That thing was epic dog shit. Now with just the click of a link you can convert any thread including all replies to a PDF that is completely styled to my forum. It's a work of art.

Why? You may ask. Why would you need that? Well, what if tutorials or very important information started appearing on my site? To be able to capture that in a PDF means you have it forever. It's easier to share than searching my entire site for that one thread...

This also means that YOU can make threads and convert them to PDF. Maybe that will be important or useful to you in some way.

That is just one feature out of many, many, many. Give me one year and my site will be like a mini google that is all about itself. Bet me. 
The PDF Tool 
That sounds great! Years ago you posted on Quakeone a tutorial on how to learn QuakeC. I made my own Word / PDF of that post and have since misplaced it!!! LOL I think I know where it is but anyway that sounds like a great tool for future captures so to speak. I replied there re: the videos BTW. GG! 
I did a sloppy proofread, linked every image to the original on imgur in case the PDF version isn't good enough, pasted it into a NextGenDocs instance and exported it as a PDF for you.

The title of the PDF links back to the doc I created it from and as a member you can comment on the doc if you like. You have to join my group to do it but, it's an open group and just clicking join automatically makes you a member. 
I added all the quake sites that I know of to my right sidebar in an orderly categorized fashion under the "Quake Galaxy" section. I'm sure I have missed some (maybe many). The way I did it I can add all the links there are without making my sidebar any longer. That being said, if any of you would like another link to be added point me towards it and I'll add it.

Ooh, A New Quake Site Created By El Loco Gypsy? 

The purpose is to replace quakeone in every conceivable way and beyond.
Wow! That's a tall order...

*trots off to sign in* 
The Purpose Is To Replace Quakeone In Every Conceivable Way And Beyond 
Only because it's basically abandoned. I want to make that really clear. Nobody is happy with quakeone's current state and I'm not going to watch a whole community die due to neglect. I've been offering to fix quakeone for a year. Nobody will give me the opportunity so, I will fix it another way. 
Let's Hope You Can Bring The QuakeOne Community With You... 
@hope Bring Community 
Well, A lot of the more regular and long-term people have signed up and participate. I definitely can't boast the volume of members that quakeone had but, I am less concerned with numbers and more concerned with community. There are a few big names that I wish would join and participate ... maybe in time. Until then, I am going to keep working on reasons why they should.

Also, I have to thank Baker for the plug. This thread led to a lot of new traffic, that led to me finding this thread, that led to me fixing dumptrucks problem, that led dumptruck to want to help me as well.

All of that stuff led me to make on-the-spot changes to things that I believe enhance the site.

It's like a big row of dominoes falling ~ being played in reverse. Everything is becoming upright in a row. 
Things Are Looking Good, Then 
It's like a big row of dominoes falling ~ being played in reverse. Everything is becoming upright in a row.
I have no doubt your site will eventually become a reference in the Quake community.

I am less concerned with numbers and more concerned with community.
Well, that's kinda what I was talking about: being able to draw the community at large, including the occasional QuakeOne visitor. Essentially bringing ALL QuakeOne traffic to your site... 
I'm sure you know about Quaddicted access being now forbidden to Europe. Anything you could do to help with that, like, I dunno, host a mirror or something? 
I would say to hold off on that for a bit, or at least talk to Spirit first. He's not mad at me per se for just mirroring the filebase directory, but it sounds like he was surprised by it & wishes I had asked him first. 
Johnny Law 
Actually, I was quite surprised, too, to read you having mirrored the files. I mean, I admire your gusto and quick action, but I was more expecting us to first try to help Spirit sort out the GDPR stuff, and if even after all our help Quaddicted still remains down, then we'd be down to no other choice but to copy the database elsewhere.

I was just surprised to see you immediately take pretty much the "last resort". Who knows, maybe you guys already have been actively helping him out "behind the scenes" in Discord or Quaddicted or something. (I don't personally use Discord and as a European obviously can't access Quaddicted.) 
I can't help with GDPR stuff. I can mirror files, and Spirit often says (and the website says) that they are there for anyone to download in bulk if desired.

There's a bit more to it but I think it's not worth discussing here. I'll of course take it down if Spirit asks, but his last statement about it was: "I am a bit pissed off that this was created without even asking... But on the other hand, thanks!" 
For reference:

You are encouraged to mirror these. If you need help with that, ask in the forum. You can also ask Spirit to burn you a DVD or CD and send it to you (if the files fit on it). You can also ask for a big zip/7z/tar with a whole directory archived to save you from clicking if you cannot easily automate it yourself. The webarchive directory is huge (108 Gigabytes at the time of writing) and there are redundant files, you better do not blindly start mirroring it all. It also is quite a mess. 
Fuck Quaddicted Tbqh. 
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