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Q1SP: Recursion
Hey folks! Here's a new map with sandbox play and exploration. Collect the four runes to reach the exit!

Download: Quaketastic
Mirror: Dropbox
screenshot 1
screenshot 2

I also wrote some design notes (with spoilers) if you're into that kind of thing, over here
This map is great. Cool idea, good execution and clean visuals. 
Great Minds Think Alike 
Funny that you're releasing this at the very moment when Esrael is exploring a similar concept! You might want to check his (her?) maps... 

Seemed too hard at first, but never actually was. There is enough health, armor and ammo and each "episode" you know map better than last time.

A little confusing, but I guess every unusual map would be to some extent and in the end I liked this idea a lot.

Also looks very nice, though you won't have much time to appreciate it with everything trying to kill you most of the time.

Only thing I didn't like that much is only 1 secret. 
Seemed too hard at first
Did you follow the readme recommendation to play on skill 1 as intended or did you dive right into "fiend mode" (skill 2)? 
OK, So I've Played This... 
I'm a sucker for experimentation so I wanted to see what you had in store for us. First off, the architecture is nice but the plain grey "sky" is a little underwhelming. Why didn't you use a cool skybox? At any rate, even a simple black "void" texture would've been better than this immersion-killing grey everywhere...

The Mario 64 gameplay mechanic is interesting but feels a bit weird in my Quake. Having to fight the same enemies over and over again in the same spots feels a little repetitititive after a while. I guess it'll fit more in an original game (this is your ultimate goal, right?), even more so if you can vary the encounters between each run.

Speaking of runs, I wish the path to each rune was a bit longer. Each one ends much too quickly, especially the zombie path (4 zombies & a scrag and that's it? Hmpff!). I struggled the most in the platforming section but that was to be expected, considering Quake's physics and my own suckage at platforming. It took me a few tries (thankyouthankyouthankyou for making falling non-lethal!) but I still found it too short.

Something that annoyed me pretty quickly was these moving pillars' thumping sound. Given the small size of the map, there are very few places where you don't hear it, therefore it's almost constant and there were times when I found myself considering muting the game... Another thing in favor of a larger map with longer paths branching off the main area, I guess.

The fiend mode was fun for a nice change of pace, tougher but still manageable. The MH was definitely put to good use, even though the quad's absence was cruelly felt. One thing to consider, should you make more Quake maps: fiends don't do good in stairs and tight spaces. Your stairs weren't very steep so that was fine(ish), but the stone block in the middle of the stairs to the right prevents them from reaching the player below.

Demo, 26/27 kills, 1/1 secret.
Fiend mode demo, 39/39 kills, 1/1 secret. 
Good Feedback! 
Thanks all for the demos and the feedback!

Definitely a few problems in the details, but I think the core is promising? My next step will be to make a bigger map in this format, but that may make the repetition worse. Will have to explore and see :) 
that may make the repetition worse.
Not if you keep the central area rather small and make longer paths for each rune...
And maybe try to repopulate with a different set of enemies each time? You said you wanted your map to feel lived in - in this regard it doesn't make sense to respawn the same monsters at the same locations. On the contrary, it adds to the feeling that you're playing a videogame instead of exploring a world. Similarly, if it's possible to leave the corpses in the map after grabbing a rune, you might want to consider doing so. 
Loved the concept but I'd be concerned that if the paths were much longer it would feel too repetitive. I think the length you designed here was spot on. 
I don't like spoilers. Played at skill 2.

Had to restart after accidentally picking "normal" armor since I couldn't find switch back to hard.
And I felt like messing with console would make demo kinda weird. 
100% Nightmare 
Here's some 100% nightmare walkthroughs:

Quake 1.5:

I hope my route is acceptable for 100% and nightmare lol. 
Impressive Demo 
Nice map !: is there q DM version of this ? 
Great Demos! 
Love the route. I hadn't considered what a 100% run would mean with this map, but that works well!

Also wasn't familiar with Quake 1.5. Looked like fun :) 
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