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AEon's Neon Light Released
AEon, most recently known for his maps for the q3 platformer mod, has released "Aeon's Neon Light," a q3dm map for FFA and teamplay.

info and shots:
Even his txt file and screenshots are only available via fileplanet! How perverse. 
Fixed ;) 
Sorry about that... I had never seen this as a big problem... the screens and text files are now direct download, no longer via FP. Hope that helps. 

(it's not a "problem," but it means a bunch of extra clicks just to get to each shot. And at worst case, it means waiting in a queue, or not getting the files at all (assuming one doesn't have a gamespy account (like me.)))

Also, you should probably set your website's bgcolor explicitly, as not everyone has white as the default background color. (it is supposed to be white, right?)

Now, on to the map: It's nice how you used a few simple techniques to get a distictive look. I think a more abstract skybox would suit it better, though. As for gameplay, i'm not the right person to judge that. 
It's an attractive map. It has a sort of tron feel to it with all the neon. I particularly liked the thicker red and blue neon pipes in the upper areas. I would have liked to have seen more of them in the map. I also loved the murals made with brushwork on the midlevel (the star especially).

I wasn't so wild about the layout however. The platforms on top felt very precarious, and didn't feel well suited to fighting on. I think it's because they're too thin and you can fall off on either side. The thiness is compunded by the rounded edges, which make the plaform look wider than it is and a careless bunnyhop will get you thrown off. 
Very cool map. I would have liked to see a slightly grittier concrete texture for the walls, and darker textures for the floor. You could of also pulled off some short of shader trick to so that the light lines in the center do not appear to cut off abruptly.

My nitpicking is uncalled for!!!! 
why not? original 
Great looking, although I should see if I can run it with antialiasing. Ran fine with settings for other games though. I reinstalled Q3 to try it.

It is huge though. How do you you run more bots on it? Only way I could get it to go was start a SP level and then change map with console. I had to replay some levels to get some bot selection (install on clean HD) even for that. Didn't come up on menu. It would be reasonable to include more info on how to play when releasing something that appeals to more than the hardcore. I wouldn't have even seen it if it wasn't for the post on the general thread, since I ignore Q3 or any other MP-only type map news. 
\addbot <botname> <skill>
Skill is 0-5.
Or you could use the menu (add bot...). 
Re: Bots 
Ah, "Skirmish" ... even set up already. Not directly from a regular (looking) menu. 
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