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Great Music For Playing Quake1
I just discovered today that Danheim (Vikings war songs) has a lot of awesome tracks to play while playing Quake1. Try especially these tracks : <--- very "deamonic" style.

Extract the music to mp3 format. It's awesome with Quake! There are also 1 or 2 hours compilations available that are adding a lot of atmosphere to the game.

Much better than the default NiN tracks, IMHO.
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Much better than the default NiN tracks, IMHO.
You heretic! 
I Prefer Yoko Ono 
Better than any Beatles song (except maybe Tomorrow Never Knows) 
Music For Killing Demons And Making Sausages 
Haha Orl stole my idea :D
I wanted to post this:

But you can also groove to this: 
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