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Great Music For Playing Quake1
I just discovered today that Danheim (Vikings war songs) has a lot of awesome tracks to play while playing Quake1. Try especially these tracks : <--- very "deamonic" style.

Extract the music to mp3 format. It's awesome with Quake! There are also 1 or 2 hours compilations available that are adding a lot of atmosphere to the game.

Much better than the default NiN tracks, IMHO.
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Dark ambient with a hint of Lovecraft 
I just went to see Boy Harsher on the first, also their new album came out on the first.

Perhaps some Moris Blak with his industrial bass music could be fitting

Also some Cyanotic for more industi-tech like levels 
Not Of This Earth 
Back in the day, I used to play Q1 with Joe Satriani's "Not of This Earth" album in the CD player. It fits really well with the atmosphere and pace of the game. 
Ranger Theme

Ranger Theme from QC 
I listen Audioslave and sound garden... 
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