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Great Music For Playing Quake1
I just discovered today that Danheim (Vikings war songs) has a lot of awesome tracks to play while playing Quake1. Try especially these tracks : <--- very "deamonic" style.

Extract the music to mp3 format. It's awesome with Quake! There are also 1 or 2 hours compilations available that are adding a lot of atmosphere to the game.

Much better than the default NiN tracks, IMHO.
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Much better than the default NiN tracks, IMHO.
You heretic! 
I Prefer Yoko Ono 
Better than any Beatles song (except maybe Tomorrow Never Knows) 
Music For Killing Demons And Making Sausages 
Haha Orl stole my idea :D
I wanted to post this:

But you can also groove to this: 
Pretty much all Warhammer 40K music fits quake too 
moar bossa nova plz 
Music For Speedrunners 
Dark Ambient All The Way Nuff Said. 
Dunkirk Soundtrack 
I've always been curious why there isn't a larger effort to include custom tracks with new releases. I know it isn't as simple as creating new midis as they do in the doom community, permissions, etc, yet I'm surprised that there is an almost 0 number of custom tracks released alongside mods/maps. 
Do you mean mp3 releases? That would imply a lot of royalties problems. 
Yeah, I figured, for the most part, it would be permission related issues. I do wonder how the doom community does it. Mostly any wad you play will have custom music. I guess they aren't too worried about royalty related issues? 
mp3 / ogg support in engines was not widespread for a long time. I guess it is now, but not sure if file name conventions are consistent enough across platforms to be reliable for modders? 
I did a track for jam9 and 100b submission (although that was an ambient drone not really musical)) I plan to do some more in my next releases. The issue I have is engines can only accept tracknames is this format:


It would be much better if we could just use a custom name to avoid conflicts. 
Dumb Suggestion 
If one wanted a custom soundtrack for their map, how about placing said .ogg or .mp3 etc in the maps folder with the same name as the map itself?

As in:

Having hard coded links like that is usually not a good idea, what do you do if you want to play that track in two different maps?
Best to be able to enter the file name in the track field of the worldspawn. 
The obvious answer is include the same music file twice, but that's not a good solution. I'm no engine coder, I have no idea how those things work. I'm just throwing out an idea. 
solution: name both levels the same name. 
how about if sounds is -1 and noise is not empty, then we use the string in the noise field for the music's filename?
(relative to mod's dir, including extension so there's no need to guess nor issues with prioritising id1/*.ogg over mod/*.other)

sounds -1 should avoid qcvm parsing hacks/incompatibilies, and without having to faff around with the saved game code. 
I'd be happy with this. 
of the Yorke - Suspiria tracks (a new horror movie OST) 
Birdbox OST obviously as it is a Reznor's haunted house instrumenal again, I've only deleted the elevator-music/normcore piano bits 
I usually listen to minimal synth/darkwave stuff, particularly Boy Harsher and Linea Aspera. 
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