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Quake Level Design Starter Kit
Months ago, dumptruck_ds published a Quickstart tutorial to create a basic files and directory structure, including few tools, in order to make maps for Quake, Quake 2 or Hexen 2.

So, I managed to publish to GitHub a "Ready-to-Use" Starter Kit based on this idea. You can clone it or download a ZIP release.

It features Quakespasm 0.93.1, TrenchBroom 2.0.6, ericw-tools 0.18.1, ne_q1spCompilingGui 1.0.3 and id/hipnotic/rogue/ctf4 textures.

Check it out!
I've thanks EnYBLOa elsewhere but thanks again. 
How about packaging Visual C on top of the rest? That's where most mappers get stuck imo. I got stuck there, and we just recently had somebody in mapping help who had just the same problem. 
Really good point. @EnYBOLa can you add those? 
There might be legal issues, though. Otherwise I can't think why not. 
Legal issues to redistributing a free product for free? 
Are you talking about Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable? What version? In this case, I prefer to update the file to indicate that it is required and to give a link to download it. 
Okay, so for Trenchbroom you need the 2015 version, and for the compiling tools you need the 2013 version. 
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable For Visual Studio 2015 
Love The Idea! 
...except my tuts have NOTHING to do with making models. Not sure that's something that should be added to this particular repo. 
He has a few other unrelated but helpful utils so I figured why no? 
sorry I didn't notice those before - GG 
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