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The Quakecast
A new podcast celebrating video games, Quake and the games it inspired. Your hosts are ArrrCee and dumptruck_ds. The first episode is just a chat between hosts but upcoming guests include Ionous and Joshua Skelton. More to come!

Hosted on Podbean and available on iTunes.
This reminded to upload this awesome intro from the old Quakecast from the nineties. Also, thank you for not using RealAudio for the new Quakecast :)

thats gold 
"You're Our Best Soldier" 
uh oh 
I loved it!

Please give me more =D 
Excellent Work! 
Listened to it on my way to work- great stuff! Looking forward to hearing some guests and seeing where you guys take this. Looking forward to more! #tightywhities 
RC and dumptruck, I like that! Thank you 
@dumptruck good start to the show! Always takes a couple episodes with this kind of thing to get a rhythm going, but looking forward to more!

@metlslime wow that was amazing, my coworkers are giving me looks wondering why I'm giggling :P 
Nice work Dumptruck and ArrrCee!
Looking forward to the next one. 
Yeah Good Stuff 
Thanks for the shoutouts to TB! I’ll definitely tune in for more in the future. 
loved the podcast

good job dumpstruck and arrcee 
Love The Voices Btw 
arrcee sounds like a professional radio host and dumptruck sounds like a cheese grater ;-) 
Not played the addon packs, comfirmly multiplay,
my singleplayer borderline aches!
Good chat anyway.

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Now I'm logged in the refrigerator. 
One Hour Of Rambling 
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If you have phone with an Andoid/iOS, you can try mobile app. 
And a good ramble it was! Long may it continue.
discord can run through a web browser too 
Future episodes have better interviews. ArrrCee and I were getting to know on another. 
Yeah I enjoyed the ramble. It dpes seem like you guys cleared out most of the low-hanging fruit from the chat-tree, so I'm curious to see where things go from there. 
Loved It 
Badass podcast guys, I'm excited for the future! I was inspired by dumptruck_ds connection to the original Quakecast to upload the only surviving full episode to youtube. The mp3 was saved thanks to Quaddicted, and photos are by Wendigo. Check it out: 
Cool Podcast! 
This is my new favourite podcast. My now second favourite podcast is the ”Misfits“. That one is about some Youtubers from New Zealand getting stoned or messed up in some other way.
I'm really looking forwards to what guests might appear. I'd love to see Daz or some guys from AD on QC. Maybe even Sandy Peterson or Romero himself?

This is the reason I'd love to see Sandy! The video touched into video game design a bit, but didn't do it final justice. It's a cool interview for his tabletop game design stuff, though. 
Nice Start 
I would have laid out a bit more plans/goals for what you want the show to achieve, maybe guests you want to have on and different topics you want to cover etc. 
Don't want to make promises we can't keep. But we have a list of ppl we want interview for sure and it keeps growing. And FYI our first too guests are from the US as the logistics of time zones is a factor. I'm future episodes we'll move over to European guests. 
Right, I'll wait for four PM in the morning. 
New Episode 
Good Job On The Podcast! 
Had a blast listening to it! There was something going on with dumptrucks audio, I suspect some bandwidth problems. I wish I could help, but have no knowledge on Discord call quality.

Didn't Ionous' 1024 craze start with Der Wanderer auf dem Säuremeer? That was an awesome metal map! 
Thanks. Indeed it did. It rather unlocked what one could do inside a confined boundary. 
We Don't Use Discord 
for interviews. I know what the issue is. We'll have it sorted in future episodes. 
Now On ITunes! 
Subscribe and get that sweet auto download every Thursday. 
Now On Pocket Casts 
I took the liberty of adding the 'cast to Pocket Casts (very easy actually, just submit the rss feed on their web form), which is my app of choice for listening. Don't know if anyone else uses this app or not, but hopefully it helps someone new discover it at least :) 
A Boon For The Community! 
Listened to the first episode a few times while cycling to work. Pretty surreal to hear both ArrrCee and dumptruck on the same podcast.
The Quake Grave and dumptruck's mapping vids are such valuable parts of the Quake community, and I believe that the Quakecast is going to be yet another pillar.

Thank you so much. New episode with Josh Skelton of Quake tools and Delver fame will drop Thursday.

We're recording new episodes this weekend. 
Episode 3 
WInXp don't wants dischord. 
Nice nice loading this up while mapping! :) 
what are you working on? do share. 
Episode 4 

This podcast is a lot of fun, I can't wait for Thursday already. 
Episode 5 
Thanks so much for creating this show. I would leave you guys a review but I don't use iTunes. :(

I look forward to seeing who comes out of the woodwork for an interview. Personally, I'd love to hear from Mindcrime as he never talks about his Quake days and, of course, Romero himself. John is always ready to talk Doom but he rarely talks about his latter days at Id... 
Episode 6 
Yess! I've Been Looking Forwards To This! 
Perfectly Aggregated

All casts will automatically appear as they are uploaded. I'm pushing it through yahoo so, maybe that will help with exposure. I honestly don't know what yahoo does with yql statements. I'm assuming they do more than just provide a service. Maybe with enough queries you end up in some search results somewhere. That link forces a fresh query on every page visit. 
Nice Gypsy!!! 
That's cool. 
It wasn't hard to do. I think the final code was like 600 characters. I could make it even shorter if I renamed some things. Actually, I built this locally in an html file. If anybody wants that file for like a live desktop directory of QuakeCast, I have no problem sharing it. It has no style at all but title, description and audio player appear for every entry. 
Local Version 
I slimmed my original down and turned it into a local version. There is a link to it in the description at the top of the page for the link I posted here. It's one html file zipped up. Just unzip it and double click the html file. It will always be 100% current. I'm busting yahoo's cache so, it's always forcing a fresh retrieval of the feed. 
Last Thing 
If any site owners wanted to restyle the page and upload it to their site I have no problem with that. The only dependency is jquery. It's being imported from Google Hosted Libraries.

I minimized the javascript (by hand o.O) so it's very hard to read but, the concept is simple. I create a yql query for the rss feed, dump it in jquery's $getJSON function with "jsonp" to get around the cross site scripting issue and then loop through the results. In the yql query I dump a garbage time parameter after the feed url so yahoo think it's something new and gets a fresh copy.

And the only reason I just said all that is so anyone that may use this for their site doesn't have to figure anything out. 
Good Episode! 
Much better than the one last week. 
What was your problem with the one last week? 
I spent about 30 minutes completely restyling and reconsidering the entire thing. I also changed the "local" version to be identical to this version.

I'm hoping it's obvious, but if it isn't, you click titles to play/pause the respective cast. 
that's gorgeous 
It's Aiight. I Only Spent 30 Minutes On It 
I noticed a glitch. And I don't feel like fixing it right now. Even though the "play button" is part of the title, clicking it will not start playback. You have to click the word part of the title to play/pause. I can and will fix this but, I want to continue working on my QC editor right now. 
Episodes 7 & 8 
Episode 8 outro iz da bomb yo! These podcasts are great... keep up the good work! 
LOL Dumptruck So White 
Are you guys planning to have sock/mfx on the cast at some point? 
Hopefully, when the next AD is ready. 
For some strange reason i can't listen or download Daz or FifthElephant's episodes.

All the other podcasts i can listen/download. It's working fine... but with Daz or FifthElephant's episodes, when i click the download button it says ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT and if i press the play button, nothing happens :( 
Thanks for the new links, man! =D

If the site is working for you, then maybe the issue is with my temporary internet files, or cookies, or something like this. I will try to fix it...

Btw, i love these podcasts. Thank you for making it :) 
You Bet 
...least I could do for all the videos you do for the community! 
Episodes 12 And 13 
Quakecast Episode Update! 
Anon demands Madfox on the show! 
Best Anon Post Ever. 
You would cry out your heart for my Double Dutch! 
Quake 2 Historian Donde 
Oh Forgot This One! 
New Episodes! 
Recent Episodes 
Do you take requests? 
also NEGKE 
We'll Reach Out 
Spoke with Than a while ago. Will check in. 
Seconded. DM6RMX is one of my favorite recent maps. Would love to hear about it and the rest of THAN's remix series! 
In No Particular Order 
-czg (I know this can't happen)
Great list. FYI 4 of those folks have turned us down sadly. No names.

But I've got many of those on my to-do list. 
Do Tronyn! 
I'll make them an offer that they can't refuse. 
Oooh Guess The Remaining 3 Names. 
Given that 1 is sock.

Actually trickier than it sounds as obvious candidates are negke lun czg kinn. BUT I reckon others could have declined due to language barriers... 
is a common language..., 
New Episode! 
Thanks for the work on this podcast guys, only heard a few episodes (not really into podcasts) but it's cool to heard people's voices.

Madfox, ORL, Tronyn, digs, and necros I'd really like to hear from. 
Agreed with Lane, I've never been into podcasts but this is good stuff. I really enjoy hearing from some highly influential and talented mappers and modders. 
Thanks For The Feedback 
Sometimes we wonder how we are doing. Glad you are enjoying it! 
You're doing well! 
I have listened to few of your podcasts. You are doing a good job. I enjoyed the experience. Interesting facts about your guests. Good atmosphere.
I'm waitnig for an speedrunner to be the guest on your show. 
Throw out some names - we'll get one on! 
jukebox, brainfluid, Elgu, praskOo 
Mandel comes to mind aswell, he is even active here at times. 
Episode 29!!! 
Eps 30 And 31 
Listened to both of them. Very entertaining and informative. Thanks! 
the lunaran one was very cool, his insights are truly golden.
But the Giftmacher one, damn, you mention me so much, i need to get in touch with you guys again to clear some things up, we'll do a cast together soon.
Sorry for putting this off for so long.
Good to hear a Dumbtruck doesn't need to drive to work.
IN LA!!!!! 
:) shoot me an email at gmail 
Episode 32 
Episode 33 
Oh no! It's Qmaster 
Episode 34 
Episode 35 
Episodes 36 / 37 
Episode 38 
Episode 39 
Episode 40 
Latest Episodes 
Dang! Forgot To Post These!! 
Episode 46

This ep showcases a new test server where mappers can upload and test mp maps easily.

You'll need a login available at: Ask for m3ssia! 
Episode 47 Ivar Hill's Core Decay

Dumptruck welcomes Ivar Hill to discuss his in-development, indie shooter "Core Decay". Inspired by games like Descent, Deus Ex and the System Shock series, "Core Decay" promises puzzle solving, satisfying combat and deep storytelling. The project recently has added team members as development ramps up for its beta release later this year. Get all the details of this striking new IP in episode 47 of the Quakecast.

Ivar's website:
Core Decay website:
Core Decay Discord: 
Epsiode 48 Greenwood's Scoops And More

Greenwood is back with more of his Vanilla Scoops! Great maps you may have missed from across the Quake Mapping universe. Also a quick preview of some new projects... both real and rumored! Including Castle Zanthu, Quoth rumors and Jokejam.

Tony "Frogger" Boyer
Staging Point

Benson "El-Magoo" Russell
The Keldjoran Outpost

Peter "Hrimfaxi" Sørensen
Sewage devastation

Greenwood's Castle Zanthu

Jokejam announcement

Quake Mapping Discord 
Episode 49 - Michael Markie - Composer

Yeshche odin otlichnyy podkast! Michael Markie is a composer of game music, a sound designer. a competitive player and a Quake mapper. In this episode, Michael walks us through his journey from dealing with flaky musicians to composing for a multitude of projects including the Quake Champions Pro League. And if that wasn't enough, he's the composer of our new theme song. GG Markie! 
Episode 50 ArrrCee Vs. Doom Eternal

To celebrate episode 50, JCR and dumptruck_ds welcome ArrrCee back to the show to catch him up on recent Quake releases and share a deep dive into Doom Eternal. Also, Greenwood has another Vanilla Scoop from one of the Quake scene's most respected mappers.

ArrrCee on YouTube

JCR on YouTube

dumptruck_ds on YouTube

Scampie's Dead Memories

Map Jam 6

Scampie's Latest Copper Map

Thanks to Michael Markie for our great theme music! 
Episode 50 
What is this thing? 
Quake is popular now!? 
It Is! 
Episode 51 Zigi

Show notes:

This episodes welcomes zigi, Quake mapper, YouTuber, game tattoo aficionado and the owner of two Swedish Vallhunds. zigi's involvement in the Quake community came into focus after some traumatic loses in his personal life. Hear how he's turn loss into creative momentum and much more, including some lawlessness in his early gaming years! Here are some links where you can find zigi:

Youtube -
Twitch -
Twitter -
Discord -
zigi's maps on Quaddicted -

Greenwood on YouTube:
dumptruck_ds on YouTube:
Theme song courtesy of Markie Music 
Episode 52 M3ssiah And Nico

Nico and m3ssia school dumptruck_ds on the latest developments in Quake mulitplayer community in North America and beyond. In a small amount of time, the North American Quakeworld community has seen a resurgence with new players and new events. Inspired by the European Quakesword scene, the community continues to grow along with a new slate of events. Listen for tips on how to get involved in the mulitplayer Quake scene, whether you are new to the game or returning after many years!

More info and matchmaking here: 
awesome episode. i'm excited to play quake MP again. what client are the cool kids using? 
I think ezQuake is the client included with nQuake. And that seems to be the client of choice but you can get more updated info at the Discord linked in the show notes. 
reminds me of warsow. nice! thanks 
Episode 53 Dwell With Fairweather 
fairweather joins us in this episode to chat up the fantastic new multi-episode Quake project "Dwell." Among other things, we'll discuss why the team decided to embrace Copper for this project. Also, how the Quake community can learn a thing or two from the Doom community and a whole lot more!

Get Dwell Episode 1 here:


Danz modelling on Twitter:

Copper Mod (not required for Dwell):

Phasewarp mod:

Theme Music by Markie Music:

In the Keep podcast:

Quake Mapping on Discord: 
Episode 54 Graven With Chris Holden

Chris Holden, lead level designer for 3DRealm's upcoming fantasy FPS Graven reveals how the team is using a blend of old and new technology to create the game. Chris discusses his start in the industry, his personal and professional journey so far, and much more.

Find Graven on Steam here:
And Chris online: 
Episode 55 Arms Of Asgard With Ryanscissorhands

ryanscissorhand's "Arms of Asgard" is an ambitious new "complete weapons conversion" mod for Quake, currently in beta for both single player and multiplayer. The mod dates back to the early 2000s and was completely re-imagined once ryanscissorhands re-discovered the Quake modding scene back in May of 2020. Ryan is also hosting a QuakeC tutorial series on Twitch and YouTube in addition to other projects both big and small. 
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