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The Quakecast
A new podcast celebrating video games, Quake and the games it inspired. Your hosts are ArrrCee and dumptruck_ds. The first episode is just a chat between hosts but upcoming guests include Ionous and Joshua Skelton. More to come!

Hosted on Podbean and available on iTunes.
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This reminded to upload this awesome intro from the old Quakecast from the nineties. Also, thank you for not using RealAudio for the new Quakecast :)

thats gold 
"You're Our Best Soldier" 
uh oh 
I loved it!

Please give me more =D 
Excellent Work! 
Listened to it on my way to work- great stuff! Looking forward to hearing some guests and seeing where you guys take this. Looking forward to more! #tightywhities 
RC and dumptruck, I like that! Thank you 
@dumptruck good start to the show! Always takes a couple episodes with this kind of thing to get a rhythm going, but looking forward to more!

@metlslime wow that was amazing, my coworkers are giving me looks wondering why I'm giggling :P 
Nice work Dumptruck and ArrrCee!
Looking forward to the next one. 
Yeah Good Stuff 
Thanks for the shoutouts to TB! I’ll definitely tune in for more in the future. 
loved the podcast

good job dumpstruck and arrcee 
Love The Voices Btw 
arrcee sounds like a professional radio host and dumptruck sounds like a cheese grater ;-) 
Not played the addon packs, comfirmly multiplay,
my singleplayer borderline aches!
Good chat anyway.

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Now I'm logged in the refrigerator. 
One Hour Of Rambling 
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If you have phone with an Andoid/iOS, you can try mobile app. 
And a good ramble it was! Long may it continue.
discord can run through a web browser too 
Future episodes have better interviews. ArrrCee and I were getting to know on another. 
Yeah I enjoyed the ramble. It dpes seem like you guys cleared out most of the low-hanging fruit from the chat-tree, so I'm curious to see where things go from there. 
Loved It 
Badass podcast guys, I'm excited for the future! I was inspired by dumptruck_ds connection to the original Quakecast to upload the only surviving full episode to youtube. The mp3 was saved thanks to Quaddicted, and photos are by Wendigo. Check it out: 
Cool Podcast! 
This is my new favourite podcast. My now second favourite podcast is the ”Misfits“. That one is about some Youtubers from New Zealand getting stoned or messed up in some other way.
I'm really looking forwards to what guests might appear. I'd love to see Daz or some guys from AD on QC. Maybe even Sandy Peterson or Romero himself?

This is the reason I'd love to see Sandy! The video touched into video game design a bit, but didn't do it final justice. It's a cool interview for his tabletop game design stuff, though. 
Nice Start 
I would have laid out a bit more plans/goals for what you want the show to achieve, maybe guests you want to have on and different topics you want to cover etc. 
Don't want to make promises we can't keep. But we have a list of ppl we want interview for sure and it keeps growing. And FYI our first too guests are from the US as the logistics of time zones is a factor. I'm future episodes we'll move over to European guests. 
Right, I'll wait for four PM in the morning. 
New Episode 
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