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Temple Of Doom Map - Release
Hi everyone.

Now thats my final release of "Temple of doom".
Thanks to Daz, Dumptruck_ds, Esrael, Reyond and Roman De Renard for Tips and testing. Hope you enjoy it.

EDIT: added screenshots
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This zip is missing the skybox. 
Working Link. Screenshots Follow 
Screen Shots 
Damn! I get this error message: Allocblock:full 
What source port are you using? 
I got the same error using MarkV, but i can run the map using Quakespasm-spiked 
Source Port 
Quakespasm works fine.

"Allocblock:full" sounds like bsp2 isn't supported.
The Valve-communitiy-board defines it as: map hits some sort of memory limits, level to large,... 
You really should test your map in multiple engines. Did you use protocol 999? 
Protocol??? First time to hear.
Checked it.
Got it! 
Not Finished, Sorry

It's very, very strange map :)

ps. In console warning: monster_movetarget no targetname 
At first I wasn't too thrilled but as the map "opened up" I started to like it a lot more. It's fun and a bit nerve wracking!

I've played a bunch of Quake tonight so I have a save file ready to continue the map tomorrow. But I have to say it's a crazy map in a good way.

Very ambitious and epic. A little light on the ammo for a lame player like me. I'll have a more detailed write up when I complete it. GG

And I like the music... more suitable to DooM or Heretic maybe but was a nice change of pace in Quake. 
Can Someone Please Update The Original Post 
...with the correct download link from post #4. 
"Allocblock:full" is nothing to do with protocol and nothing to do with BSP2.

It happens when the map has too many lightmaps.

Allocblock is used in the process of converting the light data in the BSP file (irrespective of BSP version) into lightmap textures, and is specifically used for selecting a region of each lightmap texture for a surface's light data.

If there is not enough space in the current lightmap texture, the engine will go on to the next, then the next, and so on until it runs out of lightmap textures - and that's exactly what causes "Allocblock:full".

Most Quake source ports raise the limit on lightmaps - the original engine only supported 64, but raising to 256 or 512 is common. There is a practical maximum in that light data is stored in a big static array so raise it too high and you'll run out of memory.

But if you're getting "Allocblock:full" all it means is that you're probably using an older version of your preferred engine, and you should just update that. 
Thanks for the clarification. I would love to read up on bsp2 and the various protocols and perhaps pass this along in a video one day. The Quake Wiki is quite out of date or incomplete.

The finalised BSP2 format uses the magic number BSP2 and has the following limits: TODO, why are those numbers nowhere to be found :(

I tried this map in the latest version of Mark V with no luck. So perhaps the limits in that engine need to be revised. 
Thanks for playing and demo!
I check this error message. 
A Few Things To Avoid While Making Your Early Maps... 
Making an absolutely enormous map with a focus on size rather than quality.

Getting too ambitious.

Mixing up base enemy and features and medieval enemy and features with no clear reason.

Lots of completely full-dark areas.

Massive open areas that take ages to run across.

Barrel mazes.

Crate mazes.

Rock cave mazes.

Going a bit too far with coloured lighting especially unsourced.

Having huge amounts of stairs to jump up.

Combining interesting and exciting designs with simple box rooms.

Having progression buttons as semi-secret.

Making the progression too unclear and complex for people who are playing the map without having made it.

Having lots of waste space with little combat or stuff to do.

OTOH the main cave bit was pretty spectacular, and the gameplay seemed fairly balanced. Next time focus purely on simple refined quality. 
Thank you very much!

This was a hard piece of work in the beginning. Now its absolute fun.

Thanks for the crazy. Haha!
There was a lot of headache thinking this map to an end. The music too. :D I've done so many versions of this song that it lasts for six more maps. :)

You're absolutly right with Doom and Heretic.
I thought about some 90's Metal doom style mixed with classics like Edward Griegs Hall of the mountain king, Mars and the LotR OST.

I'm curious about your write up. 
Ok, I'm using quakespasm 0.90.1 
I found it's an older engine. Now I'm running 0.93.1 version and all is fine.
Thanks for your tips 
Quakespasm did bump it's maximum number of lightmaps sometime around that version for ad_sepulcher support.

All that BSP2 does is replace short or unsigned short data types in the format with int or unsigned int. What that means is that wherever there used to be a limit of 32k or 64k, that limit in BSP2 is 2 or 4 billion.

For practical reasons individual engines may use lower limits, but those limits are imposed by the engine, not the format. 
I don't consider MarkV to be a suitable engine for large maps. Baker is IMO somewhat too insistent on retaining the original and suboptimal GL 1.0/1.1 code, and too fond of gimmicky features like mirrors. Use Quakespasm instead, you'll have a much more pleasant experience. 
Thanks for the critiques!

I agree with you in all points but one.

There can't be enought ambition.
I think you only can set your goals to high. And that I did definitely.

It will not surprise you that my motto for the second map is "small is beautifull". :) 
1024 small? 
The second one! :D 
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