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DOOM: Cacowards 2018 & Top 100 Memorable Maps
Doomworld's annual Cacowards have been published, highlighting some of the best releases from 2018:

In addition and in celebration of the Doom's 25th anniversary, they also compiled a Top 100 list of the most memorable maps from 1993-2018:
How The Fuck Was The Vagina Map Not #69? 
Top 100 Memorable Maps 
Deus Vult should be #1. -666 points for not having Controlled System from Sacrament.

Glad stuff like Nuts and The Sky May Be was included in the top 10 though. 
Top 25 Missed Cacowards 
Nice, Doomworld's really spoiling us with the lists this year.

Rylayeh, Sacrament, Jade Earth, Sunder, and A.L.T. are all excellent choices for retro-Cacowards.

And of course there's a lot on both lists I'm excited to play... eventually. 
Where Is Diabolus Ex?! 
Am I missing something? Where the fuck is Diabolus Ex?
Shame on them! 
Diabolus Ex 
wow, the Diabolus Ex is great, is there more maps with these gzdoom effects? 
Shoutout to Dimension of the Boomed. 
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