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Quake 1.5 Mod Beta
a.k.a. Brutal Quake (Unofficial)

This is the mod edition of the weapons pack released a few years ago. It has been forked off of seven's SMC 5.30, bringing with it many new features - This mod requires darkplaces as it makes use of engine extensions specific to DP

What is it?

Quake 1.5 is firstly a weapons overhaul, the original weapon pack's goal was to redo the quake 1 weapons to give them more feedback. Changes in the mod version include things like shell ejection, seeing rockets slide into the tube, additional frames for nailguns and a spin up/down on the SNG like Q2's chaingun.

The mod is a gameplay mod second, and branches off of SMC to include many new features (see website for feature list.)

(I did not create this mod.)
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Quakespasm/Mark V Version 
As much as I used to like Darkplaces, I prefer vanilla-style ports like Mark V now. I have heard that the final version will support these. Is that correct? 
I can't speak for Bloodshot but I know from conversations with him that FTEQW support is planned. Quakespasm-Spiked "should" work according to another post from Spike (the dev of QSS).

I don't think Quakespasm support will happen because it doesn't support any of the DP extensions. 
Mod Corner 
Judging from the video, this mod is essentially what Arcane Dimensions lacks.

I'm not talking about the DP-specific vfx features, but the way this mod handles animations makes the game feel a lot more solid. Specially the shotguns. While AD focus on bringing a richer gameplay experience, Q1.5 focus on bringing a tighter gameplay experience. Combining both would be incredible. 
Judging from the video, this mod is essentially what Arcane Dimensions lacks.
Combining both would be incredible.

God no, leave AD alone 
Quake 1.5 - New info and trailer
[...] about a month ago I started working on creating a blood/gore system that would work independent of engine choice, the Arcane Dimensions mod is the base and will be the basis for the Quake 1.5 port to the classic engines.

It won't have all the customization of the darkplaces port but it will work with arcane dimensions, and it even works with the Mark V software renderer if you really want to go retro!
So it will work. Even if it's with some restrictions, main thing is it'll be possible! 
Sorry I got it wrong. Thanks @mankrip for posting that. I've seen that post on ModDB but didn't read far enough down. That's great news. 
From Spike:

FTEQW Revision 5397 CAN run that Quake1.5 mod, but you'll want to use fps_preset dp (or equivelent) to configure cvars in order to change from fte/standardish behaviours to dp-like behaviours 
Mod content doesn't fit into quake style, and even doesn't fit into some alternative mod style, looks like pirate dress. Like uncountable number of all that "hi-end quake mod compilation"

Sorry if it hurts 
The AD version will probably look like this:
screen shot

Maybe he can rename the mod to Arcane Brutality or something. That'd be awesome! 
Yes the name is at large issue for many people I think.

At a time when many new players might be attracted to Quake following the notice its excellent mapping community is getting for various reasons it would certainly tend to mislead into thinking this is some sort of community improvement patch and than 1.0 is not worth revisiting... 
Oh and this is not to shit on Bloodshot, I understand from what he says the naming was not done on purpose for this effect. 
I Agree With #14 
It was clearly not his intention to mislead people and the name was actually his second choice from what I recall.

Something to consider is that clearly the average, everyday gamer likes this sort of content. Maybe this will inspire other similar mods with more cohesive art direction.

I for one am going to start looking into Darkplaces extensions just to educate myself a bit more. Since this mod is popular and the "unannounced" Killpixel game uses the same tech. 
Very Nice 
downloaded and I'm now playing! but in my opinion, Darkplaces is still not fluid like Quakespasm or MarkV! 
those colored lights are beautiful, are they done with WinMHcolour or are manually create? They look manually created 
Something Like This Was Needed... 
as much as AD was. I think I've mentioned this before (I'll have to check), but the true potential of the Quake engine has yet to be tapped. While AD did an excellent job with pushing map creation beyond the basics and small steps taken, the actual gameplay hasn't been tooled beyond new weapons and enemies outside of TCs (I miss those.

This is the first real step taken in the direction of tightening the gameplay for a more fluid experience. Fair warning though: trying to complete Episode 1 in Nightmare with the new setup shows a couple of its limitations. Right away, the gunplay felt heavy, for lack of a better term. I was prone to miss my shots more than usual thanks to the centering of the gun changing due to its positioning. But thankfully you're able to change between the more modern scheme and the original classic setup in the mod menu.

Speaking of that, entering a new game gives you instructions unique to Q15 by pressing either the Home or Backspace buttons. While the Backspace button takes you to a Lvl Select screen, the Home buttons goes to the mod menu where you can tweak things as you please.

I'll put down more of my thoughts later, but for now this question'll be left to chew on in answer to #11:

What is Quake? 
"Something to consider is that clearly the average, everyday gamer likes this sort of content."

This is why the quake 1.5 name is all the worse.


What's this awful bleeting in #18 ? 
Fighting Looks Brutal 
this will be good, waiting for the version which can be played outside darkplaces engine 
This is the first real step taken in the direction of tightening the gameplay for a more fluid experience

What the f....

How is quake not fluid? It's just about the simplest and most immediate FPS in existence. 
I Meant Even More Fluid 
I forgot to add that when saying that and giving the example of how ogres and the rocket launcher work in Q15 compared to the original. In regular Quake, the Rocket Launcher feels like a more accurate Grenade Launcher. It kills Ogres in two hits while replacing all the rockets you fired as if it never fired. In Q15, rockets become more precious as the increased strength of the Rocket Launcher can OHKO an Ogre without dropping rocket ammo. You're forced to change weapons (I've been going SG/SSG depending on how close I am) to get the ammo if you don't gibb them on the first hit.

Should have given an example to avoid that. It's on me. 
Quake 1.5 Is Fluid 
like late-night diarrhea after eating an entire bag of Doritos and all those delicious, horrible spices wreaking havoc on your digestive tract, except Q1.5 isn't delicious at all. 
Is “fluid” The New Viral Word? 
"Gamefeel" is the absolute worst.

The games scene is absolutely full of bollocks words that have never actually been defined, yet are used all the time by assorted commentators, and you just sort of have to nod along and say things like "Yeah, I agree, I guess this does have pretty cool gamefeel, but I do think you need to tighten up the graphics on Level 3. Ok, let's talk about the gunplay..." 
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