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Modding Jam 2019 (January/February) - Released!
Without further ado I present you fruits of Modding Jam 2019 (January/February).

Inside the pack you'll find mods by:

Additionally inside you'll find modjam_mix which is a merge of few smaller mods (Ish, JCR, khreathor, Scrama) into one mod. You should try that after you played all of them separately :)

Screenshots but tbh screenshots are pointless, you have to try mods tourself! :)

Download: Mirror 1 Mirror 2

Thanks everyone! Have fun and see you on the next modding jam!
I've had mixed feelings about your maps in the past, but this one was amazing... really good work man. GG 
I found celeste :) 
lol.... telefragging explodeboxes 
amazing shit man, feels like I'm playing a map from the bastard child of yourself and necros... fantastic work :)

For everybody else that I haven't mentioned, great stuff... These were all a heap of fun :) 
GG All 
These small mods/maps are great. Had a blast with these. Some of the stuff is beautiful, some of it creates great new gameplay, and some of had me on the floor laughing literally.

aDaya: Beautiful weapon models and the chronos power is cool. Felt like F.E.A.R. and Quake combined.

Bloodshot: When I fired the sheep gun, that was it. Never expected it, and never have I thought something in Quake could be so amusing 10000/10.

Ish: The flares are great, and I used em to find some secrets. The map was cool and full of devious traps.

JCR: Stunning map, and the boots are sexy. Felt like Metroid Prime for real.

Khreathor: I'm going to start doing this to people at work when they piss me off...

Scrama: Where can I buy one of these guns? Weapon model looks great too.

Shamblernaut: This mod looks exceedingly complex. I like the ice blast the best, and freezing monsters is awesome. It is also nice to see a medieval spin on my old favourites.
It would be cool to see this stuff flushed out when you aren't so pressed for time.

Demos for all mods: 
lol.... telefragging explodeboxes

It was a bug in Scrama's code, you could telefrag everything with health above 0, including secret doors :D I fixed it, but left explo-boxes in "equation", because it's funny :) 
Very Cool Stuff Guys 
Glad this jam was a success, hopefully it will inspire others to mod the game! 
Like the map, love the mod. The flying around is a blast, took me a while to get the logic but once I figured it out it was a lot of fun. Playing E1M1 afterwards felt like paralysis. 
#8 Maiden 
Playing E1M1 afterwards felt like paralysis.

Few grunts in E1M1 should change into Elite Grunts jumping around. If you kill them, they'll drop boots :D 
Thank you all for your feedback- glad it was enjoyable! I learned a lot during this jam. Maybe I'll make more platforming type maps in the future using my mod. 
Also tossed in a small demo map called ironguard

Small demo map eh? Awesome and nicely under the radar... reminded me of parts of WarpSpasm/mfx's map from Rubicon Rumble Pack. Adding to my replay list. Good stuff! 
I didn't read the readme. 
I keep thinking that I'll get around to writing up some more lengthy feedback here, but that probably won't happen so just a few of the high points:

Lots of weapons and powerups in here with a good feel to them. I know it's a barrier that Quake doesn't support a nice "mutators"-like framework but I do hope some of this stuff will get used in future releases by various folks.

A couple of things stood out to me as someone who particularly enjoys exploring/traversal:

The jump-boots of course. Real nice feeling of "breaking the rules" that you become accustomed to after years of Quaking. Actually the demo map that came along with this powerup was very nice in itself... an inviting and mysterious area that you get to poke around in before getting the boots that really open it up. Some terrific audio in there too.

The "teleport gun" was also exciting as a rule-breaker. Thinking about new considerations like keeping a monster alive while you kill its buddies so that you can telefrag it at the end of the fight to reach some vantage point. I imagine it would be challenging to create a full map that makes good use of this potential without letting the player get completely stuck or completely miss out on important things, but fingers crossed that someone takes a shot at it. 
Modjam 2019 Playlist 
Yo! I forgot to post my playlist to me messing with everyone's entries, in case you missed it. So for posterity- here's my Modjam Playlist
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