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Forgotten Valley - Quoth Single Player Map Inspired By Turok
Description : A Turok inspired level with custom textures and a music track straight from Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Map download:

short & good! i found exactly 0 secrets :( 
Very cool level. You did a good job at both recreating the atmosphere / style of Turok and just making a good Quake map.

A couple things I noticed: 1. This elevator is just way too damn tight, hit my head so much. 2. What's with the end camera? Is this intentional? Interesting effect if so. 
Quick Review 
Time: 17:22
Secrets: 2/3
Kills: 40/41
Deaths: 1
Difficulty: Easy

Yeah I did this on Easy. I was more interested in the aesthetic of the level and secret hunting after people didn't find any. Just wandering the level felt nice and nostalgic in a way. Surprisingly Turok's color palette matches Quake's almost perfectly. It's surprising nobody's tried to do a Total Conversion (TC) with Quake by now.

Anyway, this is excellently done. It perfectly recreates the feeling of playing the original Turok in the feeling of the Lost Land and the platforming. It's clever in how it executes these things, and it shows a good deal of programming skill with the system. Did you use the Turok 1 source code (It's been out since August of last year) to make this? Or was it made from scratch?

Anyway, the secrets are fun to find too. I found the first one with a little bit of exploring, but the second would've been a real bitch to find if I didn't get lucky with a shot. Now the third... you're a real asshole, you know that? I think I know where it is (haven't noclipped), but I haven't found anything that opens it up. I'll have to really crawl through the level to see where that is.

Clever end camera too, but I'm more interested in after the level. Are you going to make a sequel? If you are, will there be a Turok TC in the future? Shooting Dinosaurs would be so much fun. 
Since I Can't Edit 
I went back and found the third secret. Wow I'm dumb. Rather obvious too, but I won't give away where it is. Find out on your own! 
great stuff, make moar! 
Cool map nolcoz, final fight was fun. :D
My play-through: 
Thanks For The Feedback :D 
I didnt expect this map to be recived so well, so thank you all for that.

Also the effect with camera at end was actually unintentional, but I decided to leave it in because I liked the effect. 
I dont know what are talking about with ``shows a good deal of programming skill with the system┬┤┬┤
I just used Quoth to make the map. 
The Puzzle Sections And How You Get To Them 
I didn't know Quoth could do that. It's cool. 
Great map! Had a lot of fun playing it. Really cool you added music from Turok as well.
Playthrough -> 
The Turok 
>I didnt expect this map to be recived so well, so thank you all for that.

for me it has to do with the release of the niche turok 1 remaster. i want more stuff and would like to play more maps of it.

if its possible with some dinosaurs action.

turok 1 remaster had one situation even with little infighting going on = above a plattform was a temple with many enemys. they attacked each other. while playing i thought directly of doom / quake. 
You are right, it probably has to do with the recent remaster by Nightdive.

I myself would also like to add dinosaurs to the map but I really dont know how to do that. 
To Add Monsters, 
you have to make them or find them. Since there is no directory of created enemies for Quake mods that I know of, I can't say if dinosaurs have been made already. If not, you'd have to make the models and program them yourself. 
@Johnny Law 
Now that is great!

How do I use it? 
Download it and look for the monster in the files. After that, you'll have to figure it out or someone else can be of greater help. 
nolcoz: It depends on what you want to do. You could take the mod (the progs.dat and models) and use it straight up. Just make more maps for it.

Or if you want to fold those changes into another mod, the author does provide QuakeC source code that you could study, on his website: Depends on how much of a QuakeC ninja you are (or want to become).

Althoooough actually (glancing at the QuakeC right now) it does look like a moderately simple/localized change. I think he replaced the fiend model, modified some of its animation frame sequence in the QuakeC, and edited a fiend-related text message or two. Hard to tell for sure though since nothing marks the changes. 
I personally would want to have the raptor monster on Quoth but I know nothing about QuakeC and just a surface understanding of programing in general. 
Quoth Is Currently Closed Source. 
Yeah unfortunately Quoth has "doesn't play well with others" on its report card. 
Oh, That Is Shame 
What are you talking about? Quake mods don't play well with others in any circumstances. 
I really enjoyed this- pressed the nostalgia buttons pretty well. Your brushwork on this map was uncannily Turok-like. Taking off the nostalgia goggles, I found a really enjoyable map either way. Playthrough 
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