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Q1COOP: Forever Lost
Portal-like COOP exploration level.
Heavily inspired by We Were Here-series.
Cannot be completed alone.
Voice communication recommended/required.
No bunny/circle/strafe jumping required.
Two routes to play, of which, red is a little bit harder.
In order to experience both routes you need to play this twice.
Contains one super secret!

If you want to send demos, please use mvdsv to record a multi view demo.
Rudimentary server config(mvdsv) included.
Just ask and I'll host it for you(eu ping).
Requires a QuakeWorld client with extended limits(fteqw).

Always thought that Quake has an untapped coop potential. I will play this with my friend this week and hopefully record some videos. 
This Came Out Of No Where! 
GG VuRkka looking forward to trying this. 
For making something different.

Pity i do not know anyone in my area that plays Quake 
That Last Shot Looks Great! 
Awesome Map 
Had the opportunity to try out/test the map with VuRkka when it was in alpha and beta. Really cool stuff, grab a qw friend and enjoy! ;) 
Just To Be Sure 
Are there any hard requirements for the engine? Can we play it with just quakespasm coop? Or do we have to use exactly fte? 
Requires a QuakeWorld client... Quakespasm is not a QW client. 
If you are able to set up a netquake game feel free to do so. The included server config wont obviously work, but the map should. 
Couldn't make it to work. Server started and I was able to connect on LAN, but my friend couldn't reach me over the internet. I opened the port on my router etc. Are there instructions on how to setup the quakeworld server? 
Try Quakespasm-Spiked with this, you only need to open up port 26000 on your router. It's a bit more modern than stock NetQuake. 
Fastest QW Server For This Map 
-Go to
-Download server installer for your OS(I'm assuming windows here)
-Install it wherever(for example C:\nquakesv\, you don't need qwtv, qwfwd or any addons for this)
-Copy pak0.pak & pak1.pak to C:\nquakesv\id1\(if the installer didn't find them)
-Download and copy it to C:\nquakesv\id\
-Copy my map C:\nquakesv\qw\maps\
-Copy my vrkcoop1-server.cfg to C:\nquakesv\qw\ and rename it to server.cfg(replace if there is one)
-Open server.cfg and find the line sv_serverip "" and put your external ip inside quotes
-Change passwords too, they're the lines with "changeme"
-Save config
-Run "mvdsv.exe -port 27666 -mem 128"
-Forward the port 27666 
To Dumptruck And Vurkka 
Thanks guys, I will try again tomorrow. 
An Intriguing Experilent 
I had the pleasure of playing through this the other day with Vurkka. This is not merely a co-op map, but a map made with the advent of gaming platforms in mind. It requires voice communication to guide your partner through (via Discord and such).
It’s an intriguing aim, adding modern principles to a twenty year old game, but it functions well. Puzzles (and quite clever ones at that) are front and center here, and creates a game aesthetic I’ve not seen in Quake before.
This sort of experimentation deserves a shot, so I’d highly recommend checking it out with a cohort. Well done, Vurkka. 
Saturday March 23rd 2019 
I will have a FTEQW server up with this map all weekend and possibly into next week. It's West Coast USA. I have a decent upstream connection but will vary of course.

I recommend FTEQW or nQuake/ezQuake as the client. Quakespasm-Spiked should work but doesn't.

From the console: connect

Password for players is grave
Password for the single spectator slot is watchme

Downloads are on but I would install the map first.

Hope ppl try this out! It's a blast. 
A speedy 100% run - spoilers ahead! 
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