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Quake 2: Two New Single-player Episodes
For those who enjoy SPQ2, a couple new units have shown up recently. Neither of these are mine; I learned about them on youtube.

Martyr by Mik1
Download from Mediafire
Playthrough on YouTube
This unit needs an engine with increased draw distance. I played this: it's experimental in nature, with fairly minimalist combat but very, very cool layouts for wandering around in and exploring. (I know screenshots are preferably posted with downloads, but I don't know of any already online or have a place to post some at present. You can get an idea by browsing through the video.)

Communications Center by deex
Mod DB page with screenshots and download
Playthrough on YouTube
Haven't played this one yet, but it appears competently made, going by browsing through the video.
Thanks =D 
Two Competent Maps Indeed 
Not liking much the first but i can appreciate the novelty of it. 
Communications Center: Nice level with interesting progression, some exploration is required. A drawback is the unclaer objective: you have to destroy all computers, but you have to destroy several parts of them (monitors and console). It's easily to miss. And thene there is a point of no return in one of the ducts. So you can easily get stuck without a chance to backtrack. 
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