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SM194: BigMcGee
14 speedmaps made with a strict (I hope, because I didn't check) limit of keeping all vertices on a 64 unit grid.

Composite screenshot


- Artistical
- Danzadan
- Ersael
- Fairweather
- Ing-ing
- ish
- kamp
- khreathor
- MortalMaxx
- Mugwump (!!!)
- Pinchy
- uKKo

Download SM194

- otp is dumb
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So Yeah, My First Map Is A Speedmap, No Less... 
...I know, it surprises the fuck out of me too!! xD
I wanted to clarify, before I was accused of cheat... err nope, too late ;) that I DID NOT CHEAT with the 64 rule. Yes, there is brushwork that is not on grid 64, but that is only fancy use of rotation & clip tool MADE ON GRID 64.

I would very much welcome as many demos as you'll be kind enough to throw at me, as well as your constructive criticism. Thank you. 
Lol, my map uses the door trick in several places. Skip mine too I guess. 
For Real 
What's up with people typoing my alias as Esreal, it's Esrael!!! >:C Just kidding, it's a very common typo, so I don't blame you. :)

So, Purple, while you're fixing the issue with Ish (pun intended), could you fix the typo in the readme too, while you're at it? And also in your original post, if it is updated with the final version.

P.S. I was quite surprised to see Mugwump participate, too. O_O (I was quite surprised enough of me participating already, to be honest.) xD 
The one which is kinda like a section of a normal quake map, but scaled huge so everything fits on a 64 grid, and textured in upscaled ESREGNAN-SFTERGGANEGNANSRE textures.... is pretty clever... and an actual use of upscaled textures that doesn't make me want to arbitrarily punch a small woodland mammal out of vague, undirected despair. 
Let's Be Honest 
that should have been the real theme

search your feelings..... 
Started playing these last night. My performance was a bit underwhelming, I blame the 8 hours of jet-lag. Video here :
Cool stuff so far. 
I Blame You Endlessly Trying To Bunny Hop In A Death Void Map. 
The pack is now reuploaded with ish's map and readme fixes. Sorry for the trouble!

I'll be sure to leave everybody a demo sometime this week. 
Thanks, OTP! 
Everything looks good now, except for ONE more lingering typo in the original post. Fix that, and I have nothing to complain about anymore. ;D Sorry for nitpicking. 
I don't have the ability to edit posts. 
Thought So 
Shambler? :3c 
Sm194 Playlist 
Excited to play these, I'll be uploading them as I play here: Sm194 playlist 
Played Some More 
Still missing 2 I think, will try to do them tonight. 
Streaming It Right Now ! !

I hope I'll have lotsa fun ♥ 
I Played Them :D [1/2] 
Following that awful/cringy stream of mine, I'll quickly make a very short review of the maps, in 2 PARTS.

Artistical : Yup, that's a maze. :P very simplistic though, and the end of the map was quite fun with all of those enforcers to kill. And those endmessages... LMAO :)
However, I've noticed a few holes in pitch dark places that are *really* cheap deaths. A few items here and there forces you to backtrack which is slightly annoying. And the nailgun was really awful & frustrating to get.

Danzadan : That music fits so well with that style of map! Also, I really appreciated the trap before getting the silver key, I wasn't expecting it at all. The architecture feels nice, despite seeing too long slopes (as said on the stream)
I've spotted that in the last part of the map, a few items were inside walls after those lifts moving. It's minor (because you still see them with the z-trick) but it's still something to notice.

Ersael: The idea was creative for sure ! But it just was too long and boring after a while. I was lacking ammo during my first time and had to do it with another strategy because I had to make a rocket jump to continue the map, and the Chthon battle at the end was extremely painful, because of the size of the arena and the radius of the explosions, while not forgetting chthon taking some of my ammunition. So ammo/health management was entirely needed to finish that map : killing ogres/enforcers with the nailgun, the rest and yourself with the rockets. (is 100% possible though?)

Fairweather : I was confused at first with the choice of the weapons and the sudden disappearance of my buckshot. But it quickly reminded me of that previous Speedmapping session where a map felt really similar (inspiration ?). But I really liked the map anyway. Small disappointment : the 8 MH next to each other, making the secret... Making it like a disappointing joke (because of that health ticker bug). Also, the RL/MH respawning at the second part of the map wasn't entirely necessary, since Chthon wasn't really a threat (it's too big and many covers available). I appreciate that gothic architexture, and the first part of the map was, to me, better made than the second one.

ing1: LMAO, that map was really fun to play ! the design is super simplistic, but the last enemy was giving me a good laugh ! And indeed, nightmare! was perfect for the choice.
Also, I don't get that MH trap.... Is there deathmatch weapons in it ? :P

ing2 : Radical change compared to the first map. Huge areas (yet behind the spawn, it's reaallly empty), traps, and big monsters. I had the unfortunate idea to play it on Skill3 and it was hard at the end (lack of ammo). Otherwise, the layout is simple yet fun to play.

ish : DAIKATANA ! That was my first thought when I saw this map, even if there were some palette-mismatching on some textures. The map is well-made, but was it incomplete ? I got the gold key at one point, but I didn't see a door, other than the entrance. And even when opening it after noclipping, I was welcomed with a wall.
Also, that underwater part was a pure nightmare. I mean, the hidden spawns in the vents (classic "watery-scare" btw) plus some other spawns around a few parts was truly hellish. I liked it :P

JCR: Very obscure lava castle, and it's a fun one ! The symetry at the end of the map was nice, I wouldn't expect too spawns jumping at me at the end, it really surprised me. ALSO, did you add invisible clips to stop some monsters to jump ? I heavily exploited that (and had a laugh too making a jumping contest on the stream) with the fiends.

Also, just a little note: that small line of enforcers followed by that spidery-thingie... I don't know, but it was sorta... misplaced to me. I'd have them being teleported around me to make them slightly more... Threatening..?

Kamp : The map has very nice esthetics. I just have a problem with an invisible hurtbox while going on the final lift (again, SM193 had a similar issue). Also, quite a small and quick map to play, but I see the architecture was heavily bet on.

khreathor : Oh god, it's me, and I didn't crash your map, hopefully ! I was confusing at the beginning of the map, wondering where was the last Switch. That Quad being the last piece of the puzzle was weird. Also, the silly traps and jokes you put here and there made me really chuckle sensitively. Also, poor Mr.Dopefish :c

Maxx: It's ALL SC_Tetris all over again ! I really loved it. Made me play Sven-Coop all over again. :p
(Also, isn't it called a tetramino ? unless it's french). Just a slight lack of ammo in my opinion... 
I Played Them :D [1/2] 
Mugwump : OH. MY. GOD. I was amazed by the size of the map ! The music is also PER-FECT. And the ambience was spectacular (I always like those kind of mystical, oriental maps). Really reminded me of Serious Sam: TSE.
Oh, I just thought too that a bit of everything feels a little unproportionnal compared to the beginning of the map, but I do understand this is a mapping restriction. And the gold key placement felt kinda wrong, for some reason (I mean, you should be able to notice it after coming on the teleporter or on the other end of the area you're teleporting into, but it was just blending with the walls). Otherwise, a fairly enjoyable map, despite feeling slightly empty even if the map is huge.. (And I'm sure there's a way to break the map near that bluekey crate)

Pinchy : Okay, I have to admit I was really lost at the beginning. I didn't know you were able to choose several paths and play it the way you wanted ! It was when you were chatting during the stream that I was aware of it. But a little too late, sadly... And the futuristic/aquatic music (that really, REALLY made me think of Deus Ex/UT99's music) is PURE LOVE ! I'll replay the map later on today, but I really enjoyed it.
ALSO, those full ghostmonsters that made me scare like hell (Doom 2's Ghostmonster bug is creeping me out already, but this with 2983932 wizards? NO F-WAY !! ). :P

Ukko : I felt really small while playing the map, and you managed to perfectly capture that feeling of being minuscule (playing good old rat maps on HL1/CS1.X). The MH above the MH was cute, and the objective kills were neat. But, one small thing to think about : I was confused on a few props, thinking I was able to grab some of the items. And it's really dark on a lot of places, and that wasn't that enjoyable. Overall a good map experience.

Overall : Really great maps and can't wait for the next session ! :D 
Thanks for the playthrough, I noticed the fiends couldn't get to you at the top of the fortresses! There wasn't any clips used there, I guess their hitboxes are slightly larger than those corners. 
Wateralpha Mishap 
Just a heads-up: it would seem that I botched my wateralpha setting in worldspawn, so if you play my map, please set it to 0.3 in the console, thanks. 
Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I get the Serious Sam comment quite a lot. Ironically, I never played TSE.

If you had read the readme, you'd know that this map is supposed to be a place where a race of giants lives/lived. That's what the map title actually means (the palace/fortress of giants). Tried to rationalize the use of grid 64 and big textures...

And yeah, after watching the first playthroughs, I agree that I should've signposted the GK better. As for the relative emptiness, I lacked time to refine gameplay as much as I would've liked. 
Looks like I managed to send this one off without updating it's worldspawn message to Rust Well 
Playing Through These In About Fifteen Minutes 
Thanks For The Playthrough! 
Watched your playthrough of my map (Ochthongonal Octahedron) and enjoyed it; thanks! Now that you've played through the map, you can see, whose name is concealed in the first part of the map's title. ;D

I was pretty nervous to watch it, because I'm always worried the difficulty will end up just completely frustrating players. Not sure how much fun you had with the map, but glad you appreciated it conceptually and creatively.

It's cool to see how differently people have played the map so far. You were actually the first to play the map as originally conceptualized: by rocket jumping. The four button mechanic was only added in to allow for an alternate more vanilla Quake SP experience.

Glad you picked up the text which warned about losing goodies if you pressed all four buttons. I've noticed in this and previous mapping experiences that people rarely notice messages in the heat of the action, and you were the first to make the decision of rocket jumping after reading the warning.

But even if you also picked up the message of the teleport arrows, I was surprised you didn't choose to utilize the teleports. JCR was carouseling around the place like nobody's bee's wax.

As a last comment you ALMOST found the secret! When I noticed you taking the elevator up I was going inside like "really, is he doing it? Did he figure it out!" :D But alas, you need to hone your rocket jumping skills, grasshopper, because you were probably just inches away from reaching the secret! D: What tipped you off about its location? The fact that there were buttons that would allow players to backtrack? The light emanating from the ceiling?

Anyways, thanks for playing, again! :) 
Ha, no wonder I gave up on the pronunciation. Nice clue.

I really enjoyed the notion behind the map. It was a grind gameplay-wise with Chthon, but the rest worked pretty well, and was nicely conceived.

The pulsing light on the ceiling seemed off, and the fact that the player had the option of jumping on top of the cube made it seem like there was something. But mostly the pulsing light, and how its origin point seemed visible, unlike the other ones in the map.

Oh and my RL skills are awful, much like most of my other movement-related skills in Quake.

A fine job by you. Well done. 
Bump For Yebudoom. 
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