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That Time Again At ..::LvL
It is that time again, an ..::LvL update of 3 maps. Obsessed's second remix of The Vomitorium is well worth checking out.

* The Vomitorium (v2) by Obsessed
* Rustarium by Scorn
* toxicmetal by Scorn

Videos and panoramas for all. Enjoy!
Vomitorioum looks really nice! 
I've tried out a few of the recent Q1->Q3 conversions, including that one, and it feels like they have problems with Q1 and Q3 having a different sweet-spot for the dimensions of structures and playable areas.

This version of Tokay's Towers was quite nice though:

Maybe it's easier to get it right when going from Q2 to Q3? 
sst13 is far from your average author. sst13 has a huge technical understanding and a fantastic awareness scale. On top of that, this author can also re-package it all in consistent atmosphere and respectful theme.

No surprise a remake of Tokay's Towers from sst13 is "quite nice" :] 
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