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Miscellaneous Cuteness Thread.
Come here for some nice content should you be all stressed out.

This is a beef/queef free zone. Also not Drunk Thread 2.

Discuss fluffy doogos, cattos, owls, etc.

[Mod's note: Updated the title to include general cuteness and to avoid discrimination against larger cute animals.]
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Little Dancing Buddy 
Very Nice. 
The third one is my spirit animal. 
Such Civil Society, Much Wow. 
I Hate My Life 
How Could I Hate My Life 
When I can look at these guys every day? 
A Rare Cat Video That I Kind Of Like. 
Such Skill, Much Wow. 
Nice Thread Bumps Spammers. 
Helpful Little Furry Friend. 
Anti-spam Re-bump. 
The CEO Of Shacknews Has A Pom. 
Got A Video Of Some Fucking Great Pom Herds The Other Day.... 
The one where a girl opens a gate and like 50 of them spill out? 
a girl opens a gate

This is not an euphemism btw. 
RLM Is At It Again. 
If You Are A Slave To The Zuck Like I Am 
find and join the group called "possumcore oposposting." Someone posted a video of an opossum with the hiccups. 
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