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Copper Quake / Underdark Overbright (UPDATED)
A dual release for Quake's anniversary this weekend:

1. >> Copper Quake, a "Vanilla+" mod that polishes and refines Quake's singleplayer gameplay. It grinds off the roughest edges we've all just gotten used to over the last two decades without moving away from what Quake is at heart, and expands opportunity for high-level play. For example: Nightmare difficulty is an actual playable mode!

Read all the detail about it you desire, and download it, from the Copper site:

2. >> A 7+2 map episode to go with it called Underdark Overbright. It's like czg, sock, and headshot had a sexy baby, featuring guest mapper Scampie!

Download it too:
or ogle screenshots:

UPDATE July 16: new version 1.05 is now available, follow the links above.
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With the help of the answers I finally beat the hideous Shub-Niggurath and her hundreds of ugly changelings and monsters. It actually felt like an achievement even with the answers on how to do it as 50 health points isn't much to play with during that fight.

Anyway, thanks for the answers and thanks for Copper. It was a blast playing through the game with it. 
Now Working 
Please help. Everything installed properly, but the elevators don't moving in this mod. I'm using quake spasm 0.93.2. 
Is this a host_maxfps issue? 
@metlslime, no, changing this cvar does nothing. 
Any More Detail? 
@CyberAndrew: Fancy giving some more detail? How'd you install it, what's the folder structure? Is inside the ID1 folder or beside it? Have you a config file inside the copper folder? Just curious. :) 
copper does not work with Greenwood's offbase map, the platform after the gold key does not descend. might be worth looking into. 
Is there a chance we'll see player/monster footstep sounds in Copper, like in Arcane Dimensions? I think it would be a nice addition. 
I sure hope not. I'm not a fan of it and it adds next to nothing to gameplay. Sure you can hear a monster's location much more than their idle sounds but that only makes it slightly more easy. If it was a stealth game I'd say go for it! But it's Quake. 
hi, where can I get Underdark Overbright - UDOB8 Drowning in Time map pls? tried
but no UDOB8 map there... 
#199 Yeh1 
After finishing most of the Chasm monsters my debelow mentioned stopped, because of the rare engine changes of quakespasm 0.92.2 to 0.92.3
Suddenly the game halted with the max_entity error. Therefor it is a bit difficult for me to trace errors, as I was only converting entitis, not game engines.

So if you want to play Chasm with the Copper mod, go ahead. The error you encounter is probably the same as the ogre_marksman. It will fight other ogres, but they won't fight each other.
In Quakespasm 0.92.2 everything goes well.

I can't fight engine changes. 
rare engine changes of quakespasm 0.92.2 to 0.92.3

There is no such thing as quakespasm 0.92.2 or 0.92.3 
Quakespasm 0.94.0 update 0.94.4
A change appeared in the protocol setting from 999 to 15. 
Quakespasm 0.94.0 update 0.94.4
A change appeared in the protocol setting from 999 to 15.

Default protocol setting is 666 and hasn't ever changed, not in 0.94.4 or later or earlier. 
<p>In Quakespasm 0.94.3 and Ironwail 0.6.0. when loading the test81 map, I get a hard crash to the desktop with this exception:

posenum >= MAXALIASFRAMES</p>

Mostly I don't quote messages from other toppics, when they are already explained in others.

I'm sure you are correct, szo. 
Finally a proper error message I can work with, instead of bogus release
numbers, a.s.o. That error is due to a sanity check added in 0.94.0, and
that map obviously has something exceeds that limit.

MAXALIASFRAMES is now bumped from 256 to 1024 - I obviously missed doing
that in previous releases, will be part of 0.96.0 release, whenever that
Thanks for clarifying. 
Keep Losing Keys In Coop 
Is there some way you can prevent losing keys when you die in coop?

I really love the coop support, but unfortunately I have to keep noclipping through doors because as soon as a player dies after picking up a key forever it's gone forever and you have to restart. The keys alias in the quake.rc or impulse 9 doesn't work either in coop, does anyone have a good solution for that? 
Verision 1.3 Is Coming Soon 
Some interesting changes to Nightmare. Wondering what people think.

- Nightmare revisited as a more unique gameplay mode with role-specific monster enhancement
- Knights, Fiends, Dogs, and Rotfish move and attack faster
- Vorepods pursue more maliciously than vanilla (... until the vore dies)
- Zombies eventually return to life even if gibbed with explosives
- Grunts, Ogres, and Shamblers can fire repeatedly in fast volleys
- Ogres have their Z-awareness bumped up and rarely play their long stun animation
- Enforcers have a higher ROF and rarely play their long stun animation
- Scrags move faster when strafing, and spit bigger, faster bolts
- Death knights fire bigger, faster projectiles in two different patterns
- Spawns wake up and take flight more promptly
- Max health is 100 :P
Just my own preference, a monster type that doesn't stay permanently dead would frustrate my enjoyment of "cleaning out" and safing an area. 
Max Health = 100? 
C'mon, you mean 10, right? :P

Jokes aside, do what you want. I'll never touch NM, anyway. Not my cup of tea. Never was, never will be. 
Oh Hell 
I can count on two hands how nay times I've played nightmare and that was usually testing my own maps.

So I get it. Not sure this fits at all with Lunaran's vanilla+ design ethos but I am curious to see it in action. 
New Nightmares 
How much it changes varies a bit depending on the level design - the zombies are a very easy example to imagine - as opposed to the flat health cap which is much more universal. When it does change a lot I find it a very fun challenge, and on the other end of the scale it can feel a bit similar to hard, especially in maps where you know best how to nuke everything with maximum efficiency. I'm excited at the prospect of returning to older maps in this new mode, as well as designing my own with it in mind, which is something the old nightmare mode(s) never sparked. Zombies are my new best friend.

As for how it fits with the design ethos, I think it makes sense if you approach it in terms of "What Would id Do... in some magical scenario where they had more time to polish but not add or pursue a different vision--"

Whether or not you like the 50hp cap (I liked it personally and think Lunaran has been a bit too harsh on it in retrospect), it's hard to argue that id would have favoured that solution when Doom's nightmare was fast + respawning monsters and Quake's was clearly intended to be in the same vein: the same player vs more dangerous baddies. I think individually buffing each monster is not only more consistent with that vision, much like how shamblers and vores are buffed in id1, but the buffs in question are very Lunar-ian in their design. Perhaps the addition of new assets for the zombies and the scrag + death knight projectiles goes farther than the rest of the mod, to which I suppose my most honest defense is "rule of cool"; I just think they're neat. Also something about it being necessary to fulfill the aforementioned vision while remaining player-legible.

Another consideration that hasn't yet been widely mentioned is the knock-on effect on copper-based mods that add new monsters. No longer can developers rely on a universal change that "just works", and each new enemy needs a hand-crafted nightmare buff consistent with the others. I don't think this is a bad thing necessarily, but it does add an opportunity for devs to get it wrong, potentially making the whole skill level less fun if they do. Perhaps the "Modding" page of the Copper website needs to be appended. 
Nightmare Thoughts 
The faster melee monsters and volley firing for projectile monsters are nice changes. I like how the death knight is actually a bit of a threat now with the extra projectile pattern and damage buff. All these changes are pretty nice overall and I like how they make nightmare actually more of a challenge.

But the new zombies and vores suck.

The vore having the same (or very similar) projectile tracking to vanilla basically removes like 80% of the reason I prefer copper over vanilla. In my opinion it should have just been a speed increase and maybe a small tweak to the tracking.

The zombies are just a nuisance and only make very specific situations more difficult, but in a way that isn't really fun. They pretty much are just an ammo or health tax at this point. No one but hardcore masochists play DOOM on nightmare because the respawning monster are not fun so I don't know why anyone would want them in quake, even if it's just the zombies.

Also I kind of prefer the 50 health cap because it's just a better implementation of the "double damage" of vanilla nightmare but without the enemies devolving into stationary turrets which better fits the "vanilla+" mentality that the mod started with. Plus it doesn't introduce all the modding complications that @h4724 mentioned.

I hope these changes are refined in future versions. Maybe made into a separate skill 4. For now I guess I'll just have to try and figure out how to undo the vore and zombie changes and compile my own version. 
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