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Slip & Frag - Release 1.0.0
Download it here, for MacOS 10.11 and later:

Slip & Frag is a port of the software-rendered version of the Quake engine, based straight from vanilla, with some modifications intended to remove the memory limits set by the original engine to run on earlier computing systems.

Comments, suggestions, bugs, requests, all of them are welcome - check the issue tracker at to that effect. Or drop me an email (details on the URL above).
I know what I am doing at work today! 
Won't Run 
Thank You! 
It is not clear, however, what were you doing when the crash happened. Can I ask for mor details on that? 
was on launch... double clicked and poof! 
Just To Confirm... 
This is an unsigned executable - signing it would require a registered Apple dev account, which I don’t currently have.
The gist seems to point at an error in code signing (which this executable lacks, of course).
Could it be that your current settings disallows unsigned code from running in your system? 
Yes since I am at work that must be the case. 
Same crash here on Mojave 10.14.5. I don't normally have any particular issue running unsigned binaries. 
Some superficial googling seems to indicate that this happens when an app has been partially but not completely set up for code signing. If an app does not have any provisioning profile at all, it shouldn't have this crash. 
Quick Update: 
The app is now in an ad-hoc signing model. I have just uploaded the (presumably) no-longer signed app to the site. Can I convince you guys to give it a try again? Remember - Ctrl-Open to bypass Gatekeeper, if required. 
"File not found" on download 
Third Time's The Charm... 
This time the file has the right name in the page.
I appreciate very much that you're taking your valuable time going with this, and I apologize for making you suffer my obvious mistakes. So, one more time? 
now it runs but cannot load the sample maps - each time I load one it crashes to desktop

also does not seem to be writing a cfg file when I make changes

having the command line disregard the -basedir choice is very awkward 
looks like -width and -height are not recognized? or I was trying too high a resolution?


-width 1920 -height 1080 does not work 
Segfaults if I choose "New Game". Let me know if you want the crash report. 
Third Time Was Not The Charm, 
It seems.

Clearly, I might have rushed this release. Thank you so much for taking your time to test the engine. For now I’ll remove the published release from bitbucket, to avoid further damage, and I’ll focus on fixing broken stuff like the sample maps not loading. I appreciate the effort. 
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