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Q1SP: Of Three Plantagenets By Ubiquitous
This is a new mini-episode consisting of three maps plus a custom start map.

Download from Quaketastic here:

A Quaddicted link is pending.

Screenshots can be viewed here:
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Very Nice Mini Episode 
good new maps, but why You decide to remove incredible symphony of science? 
I'm not sure I understand. Symphony of Science is available here:

Thanks for the comments! 
I played some time ago previous version where Symphony of Science was second or third map. First map was the same. Will there be a sequel? 
It's true that an early beta version has Symphony of Science. But I took it out of the final release because a bunch of people have already played that map and I thought they'd be mad if I made them play it again just to progress through the episode. 
Great level design, some nice original designs in places. I like your take on the Honey theme in map 2. Also found your placement of dogs excellent on more than one occasion, like when I was dropping down a dark chute from a secret only to get mauled from behind. Not a fan of the random monster spawning or the imposing renaissance textures in map 1. Overall a very high quality release. 
Good Stuff! 
Played through a couple of hours ago: 
Thanks both for playing and sharing your comments; thanks for the playthrough video @Auhsan. Impressive work in the finale!

@maiden: you liked exactly the things I thought people might find annoying, and disliked the things I thought people would like most ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Update With Bug Fixes 
Here is an updated version with a bug fix (file name capitalisation for Linux): 
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