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Quake Speedmapping Pack 200: Chainmap Chaos
Four levels of chainmapping chaos, utilizing four community elected themes (Honey, Zendar, Egyptian and Knave):

“Heptagon” by Artistical, Fairweather, Ionous, JCR, Mortalmaxx, Mugwump and Pinchy Skree

“Osgiliath” by Artistical, Fairweather, Ionous, JCR, Mortalmaxx, Mugwump, Pinchy Skree and Zungryware

“Menouthis” by Artistical, Fairweather, Ionous, Mortalmaxx, Mugwump, Onetruepurple, Pinchy Skree, Vurkka, Ukko and Zungryware

“Star-Eater” by Artistical, Mortalmaxx, Mugwump and Pinchy Skree



Kudos To All 
What an insane journey this was.

I have to once again thank ionous, fairweather and ZungryWare for stepping in when I was no longer able to be organising the event (i.e. the moment when it became July). It was your vision and determination that saved this project from being a purple embarrassment, and allowed it to succeed in the end.

"Chainmapping chaos" does not even begin to describe the ordeal. I don't think we'll be trying this hot seat speedmapping model again, anytime soon - but it was worth doing as an experiment, especially for this occassion.

Even still, to have a total of eleven authors working together and still end up with a coherent & cohesive result is only proof of how despite having wildly varying tastes and capabilities (as in: I fucking suck), we still have very similar ideas of why Quake clicks.

Congratulations, and I hope this pack is found enjoyable by many. 
Congrats on seeing this through, everyone. 
Happy to finally get this all together, especially that final level. I didn't have much of a hand in that one even in the polishing stage, but just from playing it it's definitely the tightest there is in the pack. Egypt being a close second imho. 
This was quite a learning experience- glad to see it completed and didn't fall into the void.

SM200 Playthrough 
NM <a class="user" href="">demos</a> of my second playthrough. 
Demos. There we go. 
Well Heptagon was a classy start to it. Always a big thumbs up for traversing giant chains suspended over a bottomless abyss!

In general this one had a good feeling of "keeping me on my toes" with a bit of platforming, some mild jumping during combat, finding paths in and out of water with enemies around, dealing with enemies that have height or cover advantage... nothing stressful, just keeping me interested.

(With all the water and enforcers I kind of wonder how this would play with Copper BTW.)

I don't know if the readme has any more info about how this came together, who did what bits etc., but I think I will avoid looking until I'm done. 
Congrats everybody for making this work! Just played through the set, and I can definitely see how the chainmap formula must have been a challenge.

It also produced some really fun results though. The Egypt themed map had some really strong visual moments, despite the bugs and vis issues. Especially loved the lighting, just gorgeous!

Anyhow, here was my playthrough: 
Loved the couple of quad runs on Osgiliath. Also I gotta say, I'm impressed that a map developed chain-wise would end up with such a nice progression, always just a few available directions to poke my head in... never too linear or too open.

I didn't stumble across ANY of the secrets in casual play though. Seems to be an oddly large monster count that I missed out on. 
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