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Heresp5 - Dismal Signal Release
Hi there after reading the feedbacks I release my heresp5 map.

It's my first map after 15-20 years of nothing :o My first map with Trenchbroom, thanks to Dumptruck_ds's youtube channel! 3 months of work and I keep it up thanks to the encouragments and motivation from members of Quake mapping discord. I hope you'll enjoy the map as I enjoy to make it.

Here are the screenies : 1 2 3 4 5

Here is the updated file :
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Congrats On The Release. 
After playing an early version I am very excited to see how it turned out.

I have mirrored it here on Quaketastic and will post this link to Quaddicted so it can be added to the database there. 
(updated the formatting of the news post to be cleaner/more compact)

nice screenshots! 
Sweet worldbuilding, here's an fda 
screenshots look dope 
Nice map dude! Liked your rockwork, haven't seen that texture in Quake before. It's very effective. Would have used a different lava texture but that's just me. The final outdoor area with the cairns was also really nice, reminding me of Albert's Binding Tower in the originality department. 
Just ran through on normal mode (probably could have run Hard mode, but I forgot). Really enjoyed architecture. Excellent style. Some little bits of environmental storytelling (e.g. busted door to outside in one of the early parts). Good setups and fun re-use of space. Good stuff! 
Thanks For Feedback And Demos 
It is the best reward just sitting having pop corn and watch ! :p

@metlslime thanks for layout it was a f*** mess 
Really good fun. Speedmaps/jams are great but I love to see these standalone releases. I enjoyed the unique (but Quake-y) texturing and geometry, and the flow through the map had just the right amount of branching & backtracking IMO.

A few criticisms occurred to me about the combat, basically a set of things that trivialized several of the major encounters... this was on skill 2:

* Too much LG ammo given.

* It's really tricky to give a player red armor without kind of breaking the combat. The RA in this map wasn't _really_ hidden, or connected with a punishing encounter, so I think it was a problem.

* Some of the major setpieces are extremely cheesable because you can see the whole monster layout ahead of time, and then even get up on a higher ledge and/or out of range to shoot at them.

Anyway just some feedback there, maybe it meshes with what other players are seeing, maybe not. Happy to see this release and I'm looking forward to the next one! 
A really fun map and nice looking as well!
playthough ->
(I was sure there was a secret in the tower at the end but I was wrong ) 
Really Pretty Map 
One of the best looking maps I've played in ages. Really super nice aesthetics. The gameplay was a little bit vanilla, plays kind of like a kinn map but easier.

Good stuff 
Skill 2 Demo

Pretty easy.
Had to play with fullbright though. 
Very Nice 
Great atmosphere, texturing and overall designs.

Had a good time running through this, and exploring. Combat was easy enough on skill 1, the way I like it.

Skybox seemed to be missing from your zip, but map still looked great.

On Tomorrow >>> 
Hi there really thanks for all that encouragments, it gives me a huge motivation to make another better map.
All appologies because I'll move a final map into the archive file due to :

I'm really absent minded sometimes, I forgot the skybox it is already added into my archive (you can download it from the same link)
I'll warn Dumptruck to remake the mirror when I add the new map release which concern :

-After watching demos I add 3 more clip brushes.
-I add the skybox into the archive file.
-I modified the aeration structure right to the yellow key cause she have a grey bug due to a bad grid alignment.

The VIS is still running it will be finished tomorrow.

To answer about the gameplay all is right, I think my way of work was wrong :
I firstly work the design with thinking about the player's path.
After finishing the design I worked the gameplay.
I realize that I have to work the gameplay during the design of each rooms, and try to make more events hard fight and huge rewards.
For instance : having a quad and a huge trigger of monsters.
Think I'll build my next map like that, finding an overall design and work the gameplay per room.

Thanks again for all these feedbacks demos and videos. 
I Wery Like Your Beyond The Black Sun [heresp4] 
It look wery nice and still have nice gameplay (afer almost 15 years). Current heresp5 is very impressive and look modern. I think that for last 15 years we are have lost many nice map from You. Welcome back! 
When can we expect this on the Quake Injector? 
Can't Know For Sure 
I posted this to Quaddicted's Forum but told them to hold off until Heresy updates the map. 
Updated ! 
I update the file. same file same link.
-Clip added into the last room (no escape now)
-I moved some boxes where you can block yourself
-Skybox added
-Clip added into the little cave
-Pyramid light on outside has been moved (some player were blocked in)
-The "story" door had a brush with a bad alignment I resized it.
-Aeration block in the yellow key room has been removed (there was a grey bug due to a bad grid alignment)
-Grey bug fixed into the red armor secret.
I hope I forgot nothing.
Happy playing ! 
Here's the revised link. NOTE: You cannot replace files on Quaketastic any longer (which is actually a good thing) SOOOOO mappers really need to name their archives in a more thoughtful way to avoid confusion. I renamed this to heresp5_rev for clarity. 
My 2 Cents 
Great build quality troughout, lovely pipes, very cool vertical setpieces!
The rocktexture is damn great, it hides the low-poly brushes very well, had to look twice more than once often just to realize its the texture doing the depths in shadows. Great stuff!!
You used the cr8 set to its full potential as well, it is lovely to look at really.
Gameplay was solid vanilla repertoire, often a bit bland with no paths set for the monsters, and predictive even in places. But that's ok, still entertaining and a good challenge of course.
Very nice indeed!
Go map more, and have someone test your stuff before release maybe ;) 
As A Remonder... 
lowercase file and folder names? 
20 Years In The Making 
I can't say anything new that doesn't echo the positive feedback already said by others, so I'll just let the demo (hard skill, first run) speak for itself. Terrific job here! 
Cool Map. 
Good Stuff 
Did a run on skill 2. So many shamblers. Only got 2/4 secrets because I ran into the final door to hide from one of the shamblers. Agree with Johnny Law about his criticisms.
First playthrough demo 
Very pretty map, here's my playthrough. I was reminded of Red Faction and Doom 2016 in places. Keep 'em coming! 
What a map. Unbelievable. 
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