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I read a lot of toppics about the possibillity of making a chasm quake convertion. As with the discusion about beez it often ends up whith a lot of whisfull thinking.
Here my intention to do make a chasm.quake devkit.

So far I've got the models in Quake running, but only on "notarget" function. If you have any ideas here is a devkit with the results.
There is still a lot to be done before all subroutines are cleaned up. For some I have a solution, but there are a lot of double poses in them.

To be done:
- stripping the frames for double action.
- adding the attack pain and death qc.
- eventually change the weapons and attack.
- adjusting the sound files.
- making maps for it with the chasm.wad
- extracting the cieling/floor parts.

Here's the first part of The Sewer map I'm making to try out the first three monsters Stratos - Faust and Spider.



I know it is a rather big chunk of work.
I just do it for fun and have no commercial intrest.
Just my urge to see that bastards run in Quake.
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I thought to get away with smaller bboxes to make the aim point a bit stronger, but it seems I got my game breaking up with infight errors.

Thanks yeh1 for making this clear to me and qmaster for tracing the bug down.
Thank to iw the monsters now infight in game works decently, which was something I always wondered about. Your explanation was usefull to my modding witz.
I am already glad a monster appears ingame and has the commen subroutines. No infight escaped my vieuwpoint.

Still things I'm struggling with like the double shotgun launch of the Captain and Stratos.
Only the wizard has sort alike attacks, but I want to get them unstrangled.

I am also not so famaliar with the chasm monsters, I only played the first two maps. What I wanted to see was the helicopter . Scratching my beard how to get in somehow.

Just to clarify, that is the code used by monster_seeker in AD for the double rocket attack.

I also think AD's Zombie knight code will be useful for the Chasm skeleton, and the seeking missile code of the Rockeeter is useful for the Faust.

Perhaps Qmaster can offer some advice on where to track this code down? 
an minor issue, now the stratos corpse sinks into the floor 
Yes I know. And when I lever it's death pose it won't go up in air. 
I think you should improve the melee damage for the Mong, Faust and Stratos, right now, it sometimes takes 7-8 punches from a mong to kill a grunt. Thats too low. The Faust should also have higher health, as they are suppose to wear heavy armor 
Borrowing The Way AD Did It 
You can get the code from either AD or Keep, but the file and organization is the same for most normal projectiles: projectiles.qc

Then of course the calls to launch_projectile are in each monster's qc file: mon_seeker.qc, mon_zombiek.qc, and mon_soldier.qc for the Rocketeer (down near the bottom of the file).

Use notepad++'s CTRL+SHIFT+F to search for the defs for different values (most are in defscustom.qc) for the ALLCAPS_VALUES for damage and speed etc. for each projectile, usually they start with PROJ_

Stratos calls CorpseThink when it dies. I couldn't find it since I donpt habe notepd++ to search on mobile but I assume this fades and sinks the corpse into the ground? 
will this help you? madfox, the texture are for Doom, maybe you can convert them to quake? 
Just added the Goblin with its arrow launch.

I recently lost two computers with all doom editors on it so Im glad I could save what was on the net.
The Gldoom editor won't open the file so I'll see what I can do.

I remember spending a few weeks to convert the wad, but then I didn't noticed the whole chasm game isn't made of polygons, but parts of them packed in *.mdl. That must have saved a lot of data those days.
Also the wadfiles are slightly different.

When I compare the skinfiles of the chasm and quake monsters I must say the chasm ones look rather pale. Not to say the army guy gets yellow, but the difference is obvious. 
How is the double projectile coming?

I would not worry about the chasm monsters being pale, you can make the mong more green, but the other monsters are fine.

Or make two versions of the mong, one default, one green, one with a laser rifle, the other with a shotgun like in Chasm 
Slade will open the doom chasm wad 
I know but I remembered already have converted that wad. 
If you are going to make a new skins for the mong faust or stratos, perhaps consider desert camo or black and white camo? 
I also looked at all of the chasm monster's attacks. If you can get the double shot working, then none of them should pose a problem.

The only difficult one might be the chasm zombie, it has a range attack that launches the player up, I found a similar attack, but it is AD's hammer ogre, when he smashes his hammer down, it launches the player up. 
Sorry, AD's rock golem is a better example for the chasm zombie, sents the player up when he puts he leg down.

and the chasm spider is currently way too strong, it can take more than one grenade and deals too much damage. Please weaken it. 
I was already thinking of a shattered attack with so much hammering monsters but that's more for boss monsters. Something like a small earthquake.

Doesn't has the Joker a simmelar attack as the quake zombie? 
You can use the go 16 command to go to level 16 for example, to look at the different chasm monsters.

The quake zombie's projectile has a arc, the Joker's projectile is a straight line, no different from a quake monster launching a single nail. 
Madfox, when you add the third boss of Chasm, the Phantom, make sure you look at the code of AD's fury knight, the attacks are similar. 
The culprit to the Chasm models looking so pale is the gl_overbright_models. setting this one to 0, or just running it in Aguirre's engine, and the models look nice. 
Finished the dead guy but I see no way to get its shout attack successfull, so I gave it a zombie attack.

"gl_bright 0" doesn't do anything. 
The command is "gl_overbright_models 0"

You said before that you could look at SOA code, I just realized that the boss Armagon has two of the attacks you need, double lasers for the Alien Captain, and Double missiles for the Stratos.

Looks like the Chasm zombie and the Phantom could only be recreated by copying AD code. 
More Monsters.., 
like goblin fatguy deadguy

- Added Goblin - Deadguy and Fatman.
- The last two I gave a zombie attack and a flying axe.
- Not sure about the attacks, but they are quiete effective.
- Stand pose of the Goblin may be too slow.
- Corrected Stratos sink in the ground.

Just tested, the Goblin is missing one attacks, it would also melee you with the bow in its left hand, right now it does not. Also, it should have a laser crossbow, so it should fire an enforce blast instead.

The zombie is good, but should only be vulnerable to explosions. I will try to find help for you to attach the rock golems attack to it.

Punisher is good, change the skin file to a Bloody axe.

Why doesn't the Faust's rocket explode? You have trouble creating the rocket explosion?

Can you throw some Death Knights and Ogres in there for infight with the punisher? 
Sorry, the Goblin's left melee attack is there, I just missed it.

Since you gave the punisher a flying axe attacks, so I assume giving the joker a flying buzzsaw attack and giving the Orc a flying spear attack will be no problem? 
Punisher is also too short, should be the same height as a death knight. 
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