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I read a lot of toppics about the possibillity of making a chasm quake convertion. As with the discusion about beez it often ends up whith a lot of whisfull thinking.
Here my intention to do make a chasm.quake devkit.

So far I've got the models in Quake running, but only on "notarget" function. If you have any ideas here is a devkit with the results.
There is still a lot to be done before all subroutines are cleaned up. For some I have a solution, but there are a lot of double poses in them.

To be done:
- stripping the frames for double action.
- adding the attack pain and death qc.
- eventually change the weapons and attack.
- adjusting the sound files.
- making maps for it with the chasm.wad
- extracting the cieling/floor parts.

Here's the first part of The Sewer map I'm making to try out the first three monsters Stratos - Faust and Spider.



I know it is a rather big chunk of work.
I just do it for fun and have no commercial intrest.
Just my urge to see that bastards run in Quake.
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The answer is simple, do a version of the skeleton without regen for now, and if you can indeed get the regeneration working later, then use it for a boss version. Problem solved

The victory animation is the thing that plays after the player is dead? Like the gun reload for the mong? 
I made a peeing ogre for the same case, but it lacks code.
You want a skeleton boss? 
Looking at your saved game I wonder if the skelet on fires a sprite or a precached mdl. 
Origin And Destiny 
- changed Skeleton to a commen pose without regeneration.
- the attack is with a launched sword, I think Chasm uses a sprite
- flamemouth.
- same goes for deadguy, gave its launchattack straight to dest.
- keep having problems with missile attacks for gross, as by faust.
- as soon the missile gets an org. aside the y-axe the attack_ends
- (dest.) also moves from the player.

You made a mistake on the Big Phantom, when I get hit by all three fireballs, I still get 25 damage. Each fireball is supposed to do 25 damage. 25X3 = 75.

Why did you reduce the missile attack of the sphinx and Scarof so much. The bosses are supposed to be killed to kill the player in two hits. Thats how armagon was.

The skeleton is health and damage is both too low. Change melee attack to 25, missle attack to 30, and Health to 330. It needs more health given that it is a slow moving monster.

The Gross's rock does not explode. You just need to re texture the lava ball to a normal rock. (or use the rock model that the AD golem uses)

The missiles that should explode are, Faust's missile, Sphinx's fireball, and Scarof's missile. 
Also, you should make each missile of the big Phantom fly in a straight line. Right now they homing in on the player. In Chasm, you could sometimes only get hit by one fireball and avoid the other two. 
Yes, But.., 
I appreciate your commands about the entities, as I have no idea how they behave in game, but considder the fact that, as I said before I keep having problems with the missile_attack.
It isn't only the launch -org & dest, but also the upcount on damage.
You can tell me something's wrong, but it is also top of the hat coding I'm not familiar with.

So far I could solve most problems on health and skill, but for more establishing things, like adding the entities to ai.qc, just crashes the game.

Gross had a rock prokectile first, but I think I used the fragment projectile.
The bat should zigzag, not fly straight.

What shall I do with Worm? 
reduce the missile attack of the sphinx and Scarof so much?
If I make melee_attack 65* and missile 50* its first attack is sufficient enough to kill the player instantly.

I don't know if that's the intention? 
The error with big Phantom is that it counts its missile_attack with the first frames of a melee attack together.
No matter what count I make, it kills the player instaneously.
Melee_attack starts at 6th frame and missile_attack on 2nd.
With the first missile out of reach the damage is already 55.

Also a three missile attack on one line at the player is reachless for me.

I don't really get it why the two others work properly. 
Some things I've noticed:
- You only have wall textures in your map. The floor/ceiling/sky textures are stored inside the game's FLOORS.01, FLOORS.02 etc. And the static models have their own skins as well.
- But then you have those wind turbines, which means you have a way of converting the .3O models already?
- You have the archer goblin from the addon, but no final boss?
- Noticed all the fullbrights obviously. 
textures Last year I started converting the chasm textures to a wad.file. As there are many files with lose mdl frames it took some time to gather them all. The floor and ceiling tex I couldn't find. Untill you pointed to me.
The Chasm.wad has some peculiar yellow quake.pal lacks. I haven't cleared the textures from fullbrights, because they have no 16pix seize.

windturbines> So it looks, but I can't convert *.iso files. I had a test with Preach to see what would turn as smooth, a static or an animated texture. It seems the static wins as textures only animate in game on 0.5 sec. A static can go up to 0.1.
That's how I gathered the windturbines.

final bossI got a little broke up with coding the other three bosses. Worm is already there, but lacks code. 
Floor Textures 

I can't convert *.01 files, and tried pdf fileconverter, who claimed it as non excisting.
Noesis either won't relate to FIFA Master's lost extentions, so that's why I have no floor & ceiling texters. 
I don't know what has happend, the first moment a monster sees the player it receives a lot of charg damage. After that the ammu damage comes in.
I have eliminated all charge poses, but it keeps buggin'on.
Starting a game kills me in two attacks. 
Perhaps share the source code here so others can help? 
Fact Is 
It doesn't happen untill dev2.17, so that's where I'll start looking.
Maybe the player.pain changes I made to get less warnings on ftqcc.
It looks as a charge attack, but there's no statement for it made.

share the source ? If you unpak the pak0.pak file, look in the pak0.pak/progs/quakec/
all the code-files you need are in there. 
You're unlikely to find a converter for floor files, especially a general purpose one. There's a kind of a converter over at the PanzerChasm project, but it just spits out all the floors in one file (and you'd need to compile it first). I'll write one, not right now though.

How did you get the turbine models then (street lights and wall fans as well)? These are in .3O format originally. Doesn't seem too complex a format, but a brief search convinced me there weren't any existing converters for it either.

I meant the addon boss (High Priest / WIZARD2.CAR). And looking at it now, you don't seem to have a WOLF2.CAR either. You got his spear, but no actual enemy.

Not sure what 16px have to do with these. 
Wolf2 is the orc, right? It is there. 
Ah, Right 
That's him. Why rename the monsters anyway? 
The worm and the high priest are not normal bosses anyway. Just like in quake, no custom maps uses shub as a boss 
Maybe They Should 
I generally dislike gimmick bosses. Four out of five in Chasm are a waste of a decent fight. 
What It Iz.., 
I'm not so familiar with the names, sorry.

If you want to see what happened, just take the progs.dat from dev2.16 and put them into your dev2.27 map. It will give some errors because the bosses are not there, but it will possible to play the game as intended. The test68 map is much better to check the enemies.

You can also compare the chasm_quakec_dev2.16 to see why here is not that harsh charge attack at seeing the player.

the classic map "myworld is your world" has Shub. There are probably others. 
A lot of the statics I made myself, no way converting movingwalls or vibromills. It starts with one frame like the chmbat.mdl. While copying the frame several times and make additions it is possible to create a new entity.
There is an example on quaketasic from them in three velocity stages.


Models are easy to delete fullbrights. I havenĀ“t found a way to debright a whole wad.file. 
Madfox, most of your monster attacks are good, only issues are to fix the charge damage issue, make rockets explode, and make the phantom fire three straight fireballs. 
So the decorations you have were made from scratch? You have their textures. Someone at some point had to convert those.

For wad fullbrights there's EricW's defullbright 
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