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I read a lot of toppics about the possibillity of making a chasm quake convertion. As with the discusion about beez it often ends up whith a lot of whisfull thinking.
Here my intention to do make a chasm.quake devkit.

So far I've got the models in Quake running, but only on "notarget" function. If you have any ideas here is a devkit with the results.
There is still a lot to be done before all subroutines are cleaned up. For some I have a solution, but there are a lot of double poses in them.

To be done:
- stripping the frames for double action.
- adding the attack pain and death qc.
- eventually change the weapons and attack.
- adjusting the sound files.
- making maps for it with the chasm.wad
- extracting the cieling/floor parts.

Here's the first part of The Sewer map I'm making to try out the first three monsters Stratos - Faust and Spider.



I know it is a rather big chunk of work.
I just do it for fun and have no commercial intrest.
Just my urge to see that bastards run in Quake.
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OK, just remember that the Scarof's rocket and Stratos rocket must also explode.

The sphinx's fireball does not explode, I remembered wrong, but you might want to find a better fireball for him, a rock does not look good.

Also, I think the Skeleton's sword projectile does not look good, should be some of skull projectile, the original is impossible to create in quake anyway. 
I Got A Litle Typo 
Just didn't see it what Mong distrracted from infight. It was very simple indeed, Shamblernaut. Still I had no idea after your message on discord.
I kept on going wit the Mong's run function that I didn't see the typo, as it was encapsulated in the sound message. ai_walk had to be ai_run.

void() grun_run1 =[ $run1, grun_run2 ]
if (random() < 0.2)
sound (self, CHAN_VOICE, "grunt/atk1.wav", 1, ATTN_IDLE);

Now it is running fine.
Thanks for the advice on this weary long lacking subject!
It was beyond my expectation monsters would infight,
always went for the full confrontation.

Check the skeleton and the goblin. They only use their ranged attacks.

and the Viking looks really tiny next to the gross.

I think you should start testing Chasm vs quake monsters again to ensure balance. 
The mong does not use his melee attacks. You also need to change his weapons back to a shotgun.

And I think your first release should only contain the monsters. The colors on the ammo boxes look pretty bad because of the difference in the Palette. 
Yes, Tiny Viking. 
Skeleton, Mong and Goblin use ranged attacks (?).
Stop Them!

The goblin's bound box is still wrong, other monsters don't fight back after being hit by him.

The Gross's rock throw is flying too far up, the correct path should be like the fatguy's axe. 
The alien trooper also has a skin file taller than 480 
Goblin's bbox right, Gross projectile right.
I couldn't find skin textures higher then 214.

I sometimes get an Progs/flubber.mdl not found msg, can you look into this?

Also try to test your chasm mod with the regular quakespasm.

So I guess the last major hurdle is too debug why the fausts rockets don't explode, and adding the skeleton's bite attack. 
The Progs/flubber.mdl not found msg happens when using regular quakespasm 
debug fausts rockets

I'll look for the flubber error. 
I try to understand what is the cause you have no explosion on Faust.

Do you hear no explosion sound or don't you see an explosion3 sprite? The last can be a bit strange, because a missile won't give a grenade sprite.

Corrected The Sacrofage deathpose.

Solved the flubber error. Watched the Joker beat me with its three bite attacks. What to add what is already there.

I do not see an explosion sprite.

Madfox, you need to add the bite attack to the skeleton. The joker always had the attack. 
Madfox, I think you misunderstand the issue. The explosion sound is there, what you need to do is add the explosion sprite to the missile attack. The Rocket ogres and the AD Rocketeer all have the explosion sprite. 
the explosion sprite is calculated in the missile_attack, but for some reason not vissible.

The issue is that I don't understand why you search a bite attack that is allready there. Skeleton has three bite routines beside the sword attack, as the Joker has.

Why do you try to play the game under Fitzquake0.85 , while you know it has the skin texture failure? 
yes, that is what I mean, make the explosion sprite visible.

I made a video of the skeleton's attacks here:

two sword attacks, one ranged attack.

Compared to the Original:

The bite attack at 0:39 is missing. 
The crash screenshot is not from fitzquake 0.85, it is from regular quakespasm. regular quakespasm saids fitzquake.085 server in the console. 
sorry, the original chasm skeleton video is here

As I said, the bite attack is at 0:39 
Please do one more test, if you do enough damage to gib a turret with a rocket or grenade, does it cause the game to crash? 
Something is wrong with the Small Sacrof, it won't walk towards me when I fight him. Its sounds are also wrong, its melee attack sounds like a missile. 
Something's Wrong Indeed 
dear yhe1

# 476 "make the explosion sprite visible" is present in the code.
Code: "make the explosion sprite visible!".
Well code.., "hurry up with that explosion sprite!".

You make a video to show that there are four attack methods for the Skeleton.
I can only find three attack methods.
I think you are confused with the "hussle" pose, which I used as an idle pose.
I could use these as an attack tactic, but I hope you understand that I will never be able to get EXACTLY the original Chasm code in Quake.

"does it cause the game to crash"
I get a bit lost, I have never seen the game crash, but I have noticed that when you use different engines, your sdl.dll is changed, so that I'm not surprised to see the game crashes.
AGAIN: why do you try to use Fitzquake0.85 to test the game, while you know it doesn't work in that engine, even if it is quakespasm?

The small sacrof does not come to you, because it is placed a little too high. We are still in the testing case. If you are realy that concerned, why don't you make a map on your own, with the sacrof, put it in a subdirectory with the given progs.dat and see for yourself?

I appreciate your attention to test the game, but I get a little fuxed if you really expect me to try to get exactly Chasm into Quake. Some things like a skeleton, which should give an explosion sprite, which I just put in the code, and doesn't work, I just have no explaination for. It makes me feel like a fool, who doesn't understand the qcc code.
(Which I do only partly, but do all my best to understand.) 
Madfox, I think you misunderstand. I appreciate you making the Chasm devkit, I think you totally should work at your own pace. The issues I point out and record here are to make it easier for you to remember. Think of it like a log. But definitely do not think I am rushing you. 
In fact, I think your chasm monsters are pretty much perfect except for this skeleton bite thing and the rocket explosion sprite. Once those are done, just change a couple of projectiles (which I already know you can do), then you can release. But Like I said before, definitely work at your own pace and don't think I am pressuring you. 
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