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I read a lot of toppics about the possibillity of making a chasm quake convertion. As with the discusion about beez it often ends up whith a lot of whisfull thinking.
Here my intention to do make a chasm.quake devkit.

So far I've got the models in Quake running, but only on "notarget" function. If you have any ideas here is a devkit with the results.
There is still a lot to be done before all subroutines are cleaned up. For some I have a solution, but there are a lot of double poses in them.

To be done:
- stripping the frames for double action.
- adding the attack pain and death qc.
- eventually change the weapons and attack.
- adjusting the sound files.
- making maps for it with the chasm.wad
- extracting the cieling/floor parts.

Here's the first part of The Sewer map I'm making to try out the first three monsters Stratos - Faust and Spider.



I know it is a rather big chunk of work.
I just do it for fun and have no commercial intrest.
Just my urge to see that bastards run in Quake.
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I can make their attacks the same count. For now I feel as if the side routines "looking around" make them slow as it are quiete long frame scenes.
So goes for Faust, although I haven't found out to make it close combat with check_attack. 
I think for the lower tier monsters, the melee damage and rate should be close to the Quake knight.

For the higher Tier monster, like Gross, Punisher, lionman, and Viking, their damage should be slightly higher than a death knight. 
How do you like the map? 
it is a good recreation of a chasm map, but of course stuff like Tormentarium and fourfeather are better 
Map Isn't Finished Yet. 
Coming soon to a retailer near you.

Full feathered mission level editor. 
Can you put some grunts and enforcers in there as well to see how they work together´╝č 
The chasm rifle is too weak, takes too many hits to kill even a quake grunt 
No Idea 
It is the same code as the normal gun.
Here is some comparisment with the usual Quake enemies.
They all start an infight.

The chasm monsters can infight with the Quake monsters, but they still don't fight each other.

In the Original Chasm, a faust will definitely fight a stratos 
when a Faust hits a enforcer, the enforcer will only follow the faust around, so there is still something wrong with the infight code. 
But I think the Faust attack speeds is now good.

But the Faust looks noticeably shorter then the enforcer, they should be the same 
Something slipped my attention, as the mong-faust and stratos only had a run stand and run pose. Reason why I couldn't attach a path_corner to them.

While correkting it Faust has now its original round look. Don't know why it kept hanging.
Infight is different, although enforcer and stratos stay black sheep when attacked. They won't refire.

So Faust fight Stratos who won't respond.
Mong fights Enforcer who won't respond.

Quake monsters are much more fixed on the player.
Mong almost needs a kick before it wakes up.

haha, just make every monster attack each other, regardless of the fact that they are from Quake or Chasm 
The enforcer will infight with a stratos though, perhaps this can offer a clue? 
The grunt will also infight with a stratos, so maybe you should check the infight of Chasm flying monster vs chasm ground monster. 
But the Stratos stop kicking me again. So check the attack scenes 
Did you figure out the infight problem? Maybe you can check the source code of copper quake, that mod makes some changes to infight, maybe it can help you figure out the problem. 
Rounding Up 
The in fight is solved only Stratos stays a bit lame when attacked.
Added the Trooper, Leutenant and Mincer. 
A few things then:

Currently, gibbing a monster crashes Aguirre's engine at least, I think this has to do with the Head Gib, please add it.

Make the Mong fire shotgun instead of Laser, more powerful version of Grunt's

Make the Faust's rockets actually explode, and make them homing, the code for this is found in AD's rockeeter. 
I made some small additions.
- Added Leutenant, Captain and Mincer. Attack scenes may be a bit cluympy.
- Captains attack not finished, double flamemouth attack.
- Altered attack scenes Mong Faust and Stratos.
- Sometimes Faust or Mong won't reply to infight attacks.
- Added the h_head function to them.

The Mincer might be too strong with a lavaball.
And for homing rockets then there's no hiding.

When I tested it, the stratos does not respond to infighting at all, so there are still problem with the infight code.

Why does Mincer have a fireball? It was like a Fiend without jumping.

Can you reinsert the grunts and the enforcer to check infighting.

I saw an alien warrior that do not respond to an alien captain's attack. 
The lavaball is useful for when you convert the Gross, because he throws rocks. 
Sorry, a small error on my part,

The alien warrior will infight with an alien captaim, but they both won't respond to an attack by the mincer. 
I didn't add the ladt monsters to the fight
Qc yet. So they don't in fight well.
Mincer is just a try out. 
Now I want to see a mincer and a fiend rip each other to pieces lol 
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