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Q1SP: SM203: 99 Brushes Or Less
6 limited brush maps, utilizing the Copper mod.

Featuring maps by:
Artistical • Elithium • Fairweather • Greenwood • MortalMaxx

Really Good Stuff Guys 
Impressed with how this turned out, a lot more modest than past 100b outings.
However, looks like Elithium's doc got copied over with mine! 
Yup ...a Minor Goof! 
Yup. Since you two didn't create a read me file and I wanted everything uniform, I made some generic read me files for you and Elithium. I failed to change the map/author name in the content of his read me, so yours carried over. I really wanted to get this out before it got eclipsed by the Halloween Jam (which it most assuredly will). Unfortunately, I can not update/replace the Quaketastic upload.

I have emailed Spirit regarding any special packaging needed to accommodate for his site's Injector. Hopefully, I can rectify this for archival purposes. 
Elithium's map is "50 Shades of Copper." You can simply delete his read me file, since it is incorrect or make this change within the document. 
Finally got around to playing these again but with copper this time. Nice job guys!

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